6 Best Baseboard Heaters In 2021 (Electric, Hydronic, Hot-Water)

Baseboard heaters are installed along the bottom of the wall. They replace either replace the baseboard or are placed next to the baseboard. The best baseboard heaters can provide additional heating; they are particularly useful for eliminating cold drafts (when installed under a window). Baseboard heaters are a good way to eliminate cold drafts when … Read more

5 Best Ventless Propane Heaters In 2021 (Gas Blue Flame Heaters)

A while ago, homeowners used solid-fuel (wood, coal) stoves to heat their homes. Today, the more elegant solution is to use liquid-fuel heaters. Ventless propane heaters are especially popular; they are known also as ‘blue flame heaters’ due to their distinctive blue propane flame. The best ventless propane heaters have clear advantages and maybe even … Read more

5 Most Energy Efficient Electric Space Heaters In 2021 (With ECO Modes)

Electric space heaters run on electricity, and electricity is not exactly cheap. For sake of the environment as well as your wallet, it makes sense to get the most energy-efficient space heater you can find. What are the most energy-efficient space heaters? Well, they are simply units that: Provide us with as much heating output … Read more