48 Propane Tank Sizes: Dimensions, Weight, BTUs (1lb To 2,000 Gallons)

When calculating heating outputs, we needed all the different propane tank sizes to adequately size heating units. This would range anywhere from figuring out: Propane tank dimensions (length, diameter, height, width). Propane tank weight. Actually propane content and BTU content of that propane in a tank: ie: ‘How many BTUs in a 20 lb to … Read more

How Much Gas Does a Pilot Light Use? (hourly, day, month, year)

The electronic ignition system has replaced the pilot lights One Simple reason: pilot lights Huh Expensive to run. 24-hour pilot light may result in 5,000+ Cubic Feet Natural Gas Or 50+ gallons of propane Being used every year. How Much Gas Does a Pilot Light Use? A lot, actually. According to Wikipediahandjob “In domestic heating … Read more