7 Best Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Cats can be picky about everything, including collars. Sometimes they will refuse to wear one no matter what. Other times, they

might just need a little time to get used to it. Choosing the right collar makes a difference. Your cat could hate one particular collar but be happy wearing another.

Collars are important for a cat’s safety and can help them easily be reunited with their owners should they become lost. The problem with some cats is they won’t keep them on long enough to do any good.

While trial and error to find an acceptable collar might seem tedious, the right collar for your cat is out there. To help you find the best one, we rounded up reviews of seven great collars for cats that hate collars. Here are the reviews so you can pick the one that your cat might actually tolerate.

divider-catA Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 7 Best Cat Collars for Cats That Hate Collars in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

1. Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar — Best Overall

Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar

Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester, plastic

Our best overall choice for a cat collar for cats that hate collars is the Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar. The plastic closure has rounded edges so it won’t poke into your cat’s neck and bother them. This collar is adjustable so you can alter it as your cat grows. This can fit neck sizes of 8–12 inches.

The bell on this collar is optional, so you can remove it if the sound frustrates your cat. The size is small enough to be easily seen but not make your cat feel restricted. The breakaway feature enables this collar to snap off quickly in the event of snagging or catching on objects.

This collar won’t get hidden under your cat’s fur and is bright enough to be seen on dark or light-colored cats.


  • Breakaway safety feature
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easily seen


  • Only fits cats over 8 pounds

2. Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar — Best Value

Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar

Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

Our best cat collar for cats that hate collars for the money is the Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar. This is a small collar, but it will let people know that your cat has a home. An identification tag can be attached to the bell clasp with some effort, but there is no separate ring for a tag. Multiple tags likely won’t fit on this collar. But the breakaway feature will keep your cat safe indoors and out.

Available in multiple collars, you can choose the best one that suits your cat’s style. The thin design is ideal for cats that hate wearing collars. They might not even notice that it’s there. The bell can be removed by clipping it off.

The snag-proof material keeps this collar from being torn or broken. It also can’t be easily shredded by your cat’s claws. Since the material is so smooth, the collar can sometimes slip and loosen, though, becoming too big. It’s been known to slip right off cats over time.


  • Small size
  • Affordable
  • Several color options


  • May loosen over time
  • No place for a tag
  • Bell is difficult to remove

3. Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar — Premium Choice

Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar

Collar Width:  ⅜ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

The Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar comes with a removable bowtie and fish charm. These are fun options, but if your cat hates wearing collars, they may not be tolerated. This pick comes in as our premium choice because of the personalization that the collar offers.

When cats dislike collars, sometimes what they really don’t want is something hanging from them. This collar solves that problem with your cat’s information embroidered on the material. You can even choose which color thread is used! You can have your cat’s name and phone number easily visible so people won’t have to try to read a small tag if your cat gets lost. This collar has a breakaway design for safety.


  • Removable bowtie and fish charm
  • No need for ID tags
  • Thread color options
  • Easily visible information

4. Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar — Best for Kittens

Red Dingo Nylon Breakaway Kitten Collar

Collar Width:  ⅓ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

The Red Dingo Breakaway Kitten Collar is our best choice for kittens. It’s suitable for kittens up to 3 pounds and measures 6–10 inches in length. The breakaway feature will keep curious, exploring kittens safe.

The closure clip is in the shape of a fish, which makes this collar even cuter. It comes in blue or pink and has a bell that can be removed. There is also a ring to attach an identification tag.

The collar comes off easily as a safety feature, but there are reports of kittens being able to just paw at the collar and have the closure release.


  • May be removed easily
  • Latch doesn’t stay secure

5. Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar

Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar

Collar Width:  ½ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

The colors of the Country Brook Design Breakaway Cat Collar are vivid and eye-catching, making this hard to miss on any cat regardless of coat color. The lightweight polyester webbing is smooth and comfortable so it won’t scratch or irritate your cat’s neck. For cats that don’t like collars, that’s a relief.

This collar has a breakaway clasp. The bell is also reported to be loud. Some cat owners were kept awake at night by the jingling as their cats ran through the house. The bell is removable, though, and an identification tag can be placed on the ring instead. This material is smooth and slippery, so it also may loosen over time as the cat moves while wearing it. It will need to be adjusted frequently if this happens.


  • Easy-to-spot design
  • Lightweight material
  • Breakaway clasp


  • May loosen over time
  • Needs to be adjusted frequently

6. GoTags Nylon Personalized Cat Collar

GoTags Nylon Personalized Cat Collar

Collar Width:  ½ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Nylon

The GoTags Personalized Cat Collar comes in five different colors with 14 different thread color options for personalization, so you can choose the right style for your cat. No tags are necessary for this collar, and if your cat is opposed to the hanging bell, it can be removed.

The soft, non-snagging nylon material is smooth and comfortable for your cat to wear. They can wear this collar in any lounging position and not be bothered by this helpful accessory. This breakaway collar is also machine-washable, which is convenient if your cat spends a great deal of time outdoors and likes to get dirty. The collar can hold up to 21 characters and adjusts to 8–12 inches.

If you reach the maximum number of characters on the collar, the text can run into the buckle and be difficult to read. If the collar is adjusted to the 8-inch size, it may need to be removed from the cat to fully read the information.


  • Different color options
  • No tags necessary
  • Bell can be removed


  • Text may be hard to read
  • Some collars may need to be removed to read them

7. Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar

Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar

Collar Width:  ⅖ inch
Collar Type:  Breakaway
Material:  Polyester

This solid black Zee.Dog Gotham Polyester Cat Collar is adjustable to any size and looks strikingly bold on light-colored cats. The polyester is easy to clean by wiping it with a damp cloth. It’s weather-resistant and has a rubber cat logo. An identification tag can easily be added.

The collar is thin and narrow, so it won’t limit your cat as they move, making them less likely to remember that it’s there and be annoyed by it. Since it’s a breakaway collar, though, they may be able to release it by pawing at it.

If your cat is a heavy scratcher, this material can be damaged by cat claws. Excessive scratching can pull it right off. The size of the collar should make it less noticeable, but if your cat hates collars, they may try to remove it, anyway. It’s not as durable as some other collars.


  • Cool design
  • One size fits all
  • Weather-resistant material


  • Easily damaged by heavy scratching

Buyer’s Guide

Cat owners can get frustrated trying to keep a collar on their cat — either the collar keeps slipping or breaking off, or the cat is so uncomfortable that they can’t relax with it on. You may be wondering why a cat even needs a collar in the first place, especially if they have a microchip. When scanned at a vet’s office or animal shelter, the microchip will show the owner’s information. This requires someone bringing the animal in to be checked for a chip. The problem is that when some people see cats roaming outside, they tend to think that they’re either outside cats or that they must live close by and know how to get home. They are mistaken for strays or feral cats.

With a collar, people will know that the cat has an owner and a home. It’s much easier for someone to read the information on your cat’s tag or collar and give you a call than try to corral the cat and bring them to a shelter to be scanned.

Both the microchip and collar are important because if the collar happens to fall off, the microchip will always remain. The collar is simply the easiest, fastest way for lost cats to be reunited with their owners.

Woman putting flea collar on cat
Image Credit: Inga Gedrovicha, Shutterstock

Indoor Cats

Strictly indoor cats wearing collars can give owners peace of mind in case they should ever escape and get lost. Identification and medical tags can be placed on the collar so people will also know that your cat is up to date on their vaccinations.

If you’re sure that your cat won’t ever escape your home, a collar can add a little flair to your kitty. There are so many styles and patterns to choose from, so you can mix and match the ones that look stunning on your feline.

Many collars also have a bell on them, which is helpful to let you know where your cat may be in the house. If you have cats that like to hide, this is especially useful.

How to Choose a Collar If Your Cat Hates Collars

Cats can be picky. We know this, but sometimes collars are a necessity. The best way to get your cat to wear a collar is to make sure it’s lightweight and fits correctly. Some cats don’t like to feel restricted. If the collar is too heavy or tight, it can be uncomfortable for them. You may even mistakenly think that your cat hates collars when they would simply just prefer a different one.

Lightweight material that is not too snug around their necks is usually ideal for cats to get used to wearing something. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck.

The Bell

The bells on collars serve multiple purposes. For example, they’re used on indoor/outdoor cats that like to roam outside as a way to warn wildlife that they are approaching. The bells limit the number of prey animals that the cat can catch — and often bring back home — when they are out on their adventures.

However, sometimes the bell aggravates the cat. If they are always trying to capture the bell or shaking their heads to get rid of it, you can remove it for them. The sound of the bell can keep some cats from resting peacefully. If you notice this occurring, remove the bell first and see if that’s the problem instead of the collar itself.


This is a matter of personal preference, but brightly colored collars can be easily seen by people, especially if your cat’s coat is dark. This will be an obvious sign that your cat has a home. Reflective collars are also good choices because they can be seen in the dark.

Skin Sensitivity

If your cat has sensitive skin, some materials may cause them to have a reaction. If your cat is scratching at the collar and you notice hair loss or irritated skin around the neck, they may be allergic to it. Collars made of hypoallergenic materials may be the solution in this case.


Collars with dangling charms or fabric bowties sewn on them are adorable. Even if your fancy feline would look stunning in one of these, they may loathe it completely. If the decorative collar is encroaching on your cat’s space, making it hard for them to get comfortable, or blocking their vision, they won’t be happy.

Start small if your cat isn’t used to wearing a collar. You can upgrade over time if your cat is tolerating the smaller collars. If you notice that your cat is uncomfortable, go back to the size of the previous collar.


Breakaway collars are safe options for cats. By nature, cats are curious creatures that love to jump, climb, and play. During all this activity, a collar can easily become snagged on furniture or items in the home. If the cat is outside, the collar can get tangled in tree branches or bushes.

The collars are designed to snap apart if they encounter any sort of resistance. This will keep your cat safe, especially if you’re not home to watch them. You may come home to the collar on the floor, but your cat will be just fine.

Of course, this also means your cat can get a paw between the collar and their neck and pop it off themselves. This is a small price to pay for your cat’s safety, though.

Kitten Collars

Getting your kitten used to wearing a collar when they’re young will make it much easier to get them to wear a collar as an adult. But collars don’t expand as your cat grows.

Keep this in mind, and always check the fit of the collar while your cat is still growing. The collar can quickly become too snug. It will have to either be adjusted or replaced completely until your cat reaches their maximum growth.


The Frisco Spring Leaves Cat Collar is our best overall choice for cats that hate collars. It’s comfortable and small but still easily seen. Our best value choice is the Safe Cat Snag-Proof Breakaway Collar. It comes in several color options, though there’s no convenient place to hang an identification tag. The Blueberry Pet Personalized Cat Collar comes with a removable bowtie and fish charm so they won’t aggravate your cat. The identifying information is stitched right on the material, so no tag is necessary.

We hope that our reviews have helped you find the perfect collar for your finicky feline.

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