10 Best Cat Cave Beds in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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They’re comfortable, compact, and cozy: cat cave beds can vary a little in their shape and dimensions, as well as the material used in their construction. These beds envelop their resident feline, potentially providing safety and security, as well as comfort and warmth.

Below, are reviews of ten of the best cast cave beds for the money. Choose according to the number of cats you have, whether they prefer to be fully covered or enjoy some freedom of movement, and whether you want a cat cave bed that is machine washable. Hopefully, using our reviews, we can help you find the ideal cat bed for your favorite feline.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 10 Best Cat Cave Beds – Reviews & Top Picks 2021

1. Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed – Best Overall

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed (1)

Dimensions:  19” x 19” x 12”
Material: Wool
Weight:  2lbs

The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed is a large cat cave bed that has been handcrafted using high-quality Merino wool. The resulting felt bed is flexible and breathable while offering insulation and comfort for your cat. Made from a single piece of material, the Meowfia uses a technique called wet-felting that shapes the wool and ensures that it retains the designed structure using nothing more than the felt itself, soap and water.

Because it is a single piece of fabric, it means that there is no danger of the bed coming unstitched so it will last longer with little to no fraying. The process also means that the felt is strong enough to withstand cat claws and feline abuse. The Meowfia is about average priced, comes in a variety of colors and designs, and really does stand up well to cats and stains.

Despite claims that it is a suitable size for giant cats, however, this bed is best suited to medium and small cats, but its high quality, single-piece construction means that it represents the best overall cat cave bed.


  • Won’t come unstitched or frayed
  • Withstands cat claws
  • Attractive design


  • Not suitable for giant and large breeds

2. Frisco Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed – Best Value

Frisco Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed (2)

Dimensions:  18” x 12” x 11.75”
Material: Polyester and Polyfill
Weight:  1.1lbs

The Frisco Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed uses polyester, rather than premium wool. This enables Frisco to keep the cost down considerably when compared to the likes of the Meowfia, although it does mean that there is some compromise on quality. The polyester cover is machine washable but while it is chosen for its durability, it is prone to suffering scratch damage and will fray over time.

The bed is quite narrow and is unlikely to be spacious enough for large and giant breeds. It does clean well, offers protection and security, and is very well priced, making it the best cat cave bed for the money, but it could be larger and because it is made from polyester and not Moreno wool, it is more prone to damage and fraying.


  • Machine washable
  • Affordable price


  • Small and narrow
  • Frays over time

3. Hepper Pod Cat Tower and Enclosed Cat Bed Cave – Premium Choice

Hepper Pod Cat Tower and Enclosed Cat Bed Cave

Dimensions:  15” x 19” x 18.5”
Material: Microfiber, Fleece, Fabric
Weight:  6lbs

The Hepper Pod Cat Tower and Enclosed Cat Bed Cave is a little different from other cat caves. It is raised up from ground level. This means that it can give added security for your cats because it enables them to get out of the way of kids, hoovers, and other items. However, it also means that the Hepper might not be suitable for senior cats or those with mobility issues.

Although Hepper claims that it is suitable for multiple-cat households, it is still too small for large and giant breeds. Its size and confined space mean that felines that enjoy stretching out are unlikely to fit properly within the walls of the bed. The Hepper is expensive, but it is easy to put together, looks good in any household, and will be popular with small cats that like to be confined to a sleeping space. But it is expensive and is not suitable for large cats or those that spread out.

At PetKeen.com we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest, so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!


  • Solid construction
  • Looks great
  • Raised off the ground


  • Very expensive
  • Too small for big cats

4. Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

Dimensions:  22” x 17” x 17”
Material: Microfiber, Faux Fur
Weight:  1.3lbs

The Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave is a burrito-shaped cat cave bed. Made from microfiber and faux fur, the material wraps snugly around the cat once inside. It is machine washable, reasonably priced, and can be easily stored. It is a reasonable size, although not all cats will appreciate being rolled up inside a bed when they’re asleep: some will find it too constricting and limiting.

If a cat sleeps on top of the bed, it will cause the cushion to collapse and make it even more challenging to get inside. As long as your cat understands the principle, the Pet Magasin could be a beneficial sleeping-bag style bed for cats that get particularly cold at night.


  • Machine washable
  • Covers and warms the cat
  • Inexpensive


  • Some cats simply lay on top
  • Too restricting for some felines

5. Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed

Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed (1)

Dimensions:  14” x 14” x 4”
Material: Wool
Weight:  4 pounds

The Mau Lifestyle Horizon Wool Felt Cave Cat Bed is a durable, heavy-duty felt cat cave bed. The manufacturer claims that the bed is suitable for cats up to 25 pounds, but its dimensions suggest that it is only suitable for smaller cats and kittens. It can be used as a cat cave or flattened down to make a more traditional bed.

Its single-piece design means that it can’t easily be scratched or otherwise damaged, and its combination of gray wool colors gives it a look like a giant pebble: neutral enough that it will work well with most home décor styles. As well as being small, it is quite an expensive cave bed, and some cats simply will not like being covered and will not appreciate having their view obstructed.


  • Single piece design minimizes the risk of damage
  • Attractive looking
  • Works as a standard bed or cat cave


  • Expensive
  • Too small for large cats

6. Armarkat Gray Velvet Cat Bed

Armarkat Gray Velvet Cat Bed (2)

Dimensions:  18” x 18” x 14”
Material: Velvet
Weight:  1.5lbs

The cave-shaped Armarkat has a polyester filling and a removable cover that can be put in the washing machine for maintenance and cleanliness. The velvet outer is designed to be ultra-smooth, so it is comfortable for your feline friends. It has a dark gray design with a furry cream entrance. While some cave beds are designed to collapse around the cat once it is inside, the Gray Velvet Cat Bed has a flexible foam wall which offers a little more support and helps ensure that the bed retains some structural integrity.

It is modestly priced and easy to maintain, suitable for medium cats, and it won’t easily collapse under the weight of your cat. However, it can be easily damaged because it is a plush velvet material.


  • Machine washable removable cover
  • Flexible foam wall


  • Not suitable for large cats
  • Velvet can be scratched

7. Earthtone Solutions Radiant Realm Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed

Earthtone Solutions Radiant Realm Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed (2)

Dimensions:  18” x 16” x 12”
Material: Wool
Weight:  1.5lbs

The Earthtone Solutions Radiant Realm Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed is another cat cave made from thick, durable wool. Wool is natural insulation, which means that it will keep cats warm during winter and cool during the summer months. It is also a very durable material, meaning that it isn’t easily damaged even by sharp claws. This durability is further enhanced by the bed’s single-piece design.

There are no seams or joins that can be picked apart or plucked by sharp cat claws. If your cat does not appreciate the cavernous design, it can be flattened down and used as a standard cat bed shape, and whether you choose this or another woolen cave will ultimately be determined by whether you appreciate the orange and green style design.


  • Wool is tough and durable
  • Can be flattened and used as a standard cat bed


  • Expensive
  • Not as easy to wash

8. TRIXIE Minou Cuddly Cave Dog & Cat Bed

TRIXIE Minou Cuddly Cave Dog & Cat Bed (1)

Dimensions:  13.75” x 16” x 10.25”
Material: Fleece
Weight:  2lbs

The Trixie Minou Cuddly Cave Dog & Cat Bed is a small, fleece cave-style bed that is designed for use by small dogs and can also be used by cats. It is made from fleece, rather than wool, but it should not be placed in the washing machine which means that it is less convenient than alternative beds. It has foam padding and a soft lining at the entrance, although this soft lining does tend to shed, which means that you are left with a fluffy trail by the bedroom doorway.

The bed is inexpensive, and the cover can be removed for easy spot cleaning, but it cannot be put through the washing machine and because the soft lining is prone to shedding, the bed can start to look old very quickly.


  • Removable fleece
  • Cheap bed


  • Sheds the soft lining
  • Can’t be machine washed

9. Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat & Dog Bed

Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat & Dog Bed (1)

Dimensions:  18” x 14”x 12”
Material: Suede, Faux Fur
Weight:  1.7lbs

The Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat & Dog Bed is a combination of suede and faux fur. It suffers a similar problem to many of the other faux fur style caves, which is that it is too small for all but the tiniest cats. The 100% polyester filling is cushioned and comfortable for your cat, and the bed contains reinforced walls that aim to maintain the structure and shape of the bed. The cover is machine washable and easy to remove, enabling you to keep the bed looking good and smelling fresh.

However, despite being well priced, it is very small, and the stitched fabrics are more easily damaged than the wool of the more expensive models. Also, the top tends to collapse, which will put a lot of cats off using it.


  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • Decent price


  • Easily damaged
  • Small
  • Roof collapses in

10. Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed

Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed (1)

Dimensions:  35″ x 35″ x 8″
Material: Polyester and Polyfill
Weight:  11 lbs

The Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed is a heavy-duty bed that comes in a range of sizes suitable for all sizes of cats and dogs. Even the small is larger than most other caves. It has a hooded design, rather than a cave design, which might put some cats off. The polyester fill includes cedar, which helps keep insects away while giving the bed a pleasant aroma.

The size of the bed is too large for most cats, and all but the strongest felines will struggle to lift the heavy flap up to get inside. Also, the lining does tend to fall apart and leave balls of fluff around the room and on the floor.


  • Difficult to get in
  • Expensive
  • Lining leaves fluff everywhere

Buyer’s Guide

Some cats like to spread out and take up as much room as possible. Others prefer to be confined is as small a space as possible. If yours is a cat that likes to be covered and enjoys the protection and security of being completely enveloped, then a cat cave bed is ideal.

Cave Shape

There are several shapes of cat caves available.

  • The most common has a roof and three walls, and the walls are rigid enough to hold the whole bed up. This might be considered the standard cat cave design. It may be raised from the ground, but most designs have a flat bottom that will sit on the floor or another horizontal surface.
  • In some cases, the cave is more like an envelope. The walls offer little rigidity, and the cat has to be able to push the roof of the cave up and then squeeze inside.
  • The burrito-style is a cylindrical shape, inside which the cat can easily climb. Both ends of this style are usually left open.

Bed Size

Consider the size of your cat and take into account the way that it sleeps. If you have a small cat, but it likes to fully stretch out when going to sleep, then you still need a medium to large bed to ensure that the cat remains comfortable and safe during the night.

Image Credit: Jim Black, Pixabay


The material of the bed determines its durability and longevity, as well as whether it is waterproof and even whether it can be machine washed.

  • Wool has become a popular choice because it is warm, and it is strong enough that it can be used to create rigidity in the walls of the cave. However, wool cannot usually be put through the washing machine so you will have to spot clean any stains or dirt off and then leave it to dry before letting the cat use it again. Wool also offers warmth during winter and cooling during the summer months.
  • Fleece is a warm material and can also be spot cleaned, and while it will provide warmth during the winter, it does not offer thermal regulation during summer so it might be too hot to use all year round.
  • Polyester is inexpensive and can be placed in the washing machine. A polyester cover can usually be unzipped, and machine washed before drying and putting back on the bed.

Do Cats Need Cat Beds?

Cats need a bed, or somewhere to sleep. Giving your cat a bed encourages it to sleep in one specific spot, rather than anywhere that takes its fancy. As well as giving the cat a space to call its own, it can have the added advantage of minimizing cat hair on other surfaces and preventing your cat from sleeping on kids’ beds. It also allows your cat somewhere to relax and unwind whenever they feel tired.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Covered Beds?

Cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, and it is one activity that they truly excel at. But there is no such thing as a bed design that will perfectly suit all cats’ tastes and preferences. Some prefer the rigidity of a hard-sided bed while others might prefer something more akin to a cushion with open sides and no real structure whatsoever. Consider what your cat sleeps on at the moment, whether it likes to sleep inside cardboard boxes and other items and buy something similar.


Cats are serious sleepers, and they prefer to have at least one dedicated spot in which to sleep. The cat cave bed is popular because it enables your cat to hide away while it sleeps, and it comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Hopefully, the reviews above have helped you choose the best cat cave bed for your cat.

We found the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed to be a good price for a comfortable bed. The Frisco Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed is not only comfortable but is ideal for any budget.

Featured Image Credit: TaniaVdB, pixabay


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