4 बेस्ट डीह्यूमिडिफायर और एयर प्यूरीफायर कॉम्बो (ऑल-इन-वन यूनिट्स)

हम dehumidifiers जानते हैं। हम एयर प्यूरीफायर जानते हैं। डीह्यूमिडिफ़ायर और वायु शोधक सभी एक इकाई में क्या हैं? डीह्यूमिडिफायर और एयर प्यूरीफायर दोनों का कॉम्बो होना काफी उपयोगी है (सिद्धांत रूप में)। सबसे अच्छे डीह्यूमिडिफ़ायर और वायु शोधक कॉम्बो के साथ आपको यह मिलना चाहिए: एक dehumidifier के सभी लाभ। इसका मतलब है कि … Read more

Should I run my dehumidifier on low, medium or high? (Easy)

You typically have 3 dehumidifier fan speed settings: low, mediumAnd high, With 3 options, it’s natural to wonder whether you should run your dehumidifier on low, medium, or high. In many cases, we just want to set ‘high’ instant setting but it’s No always ideal. Here’s the point of using a dehumidifier (and an explanation … Read more

Dehumidifier Freezing Up (Even Icing Up): 4 Common Causes and Solutions

“My dehumidifier is freezing. Why is my dehumidifier icing? How to fix it (quickly)?” dehumidifier is freezing it’s not all that unusual, In our experience, over 20% of homeowners experience this problem and less than 30% actually know how to fix it. That’s why we’ll go step by step to explain why a dehumidifier is … Read more

Should You Run a Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner at the Same Time?

Running a dehumidifier and air conditioner at the same time: Is this understandable? Should you do it too? There is some confusion about whether you should be running a dehumidifier and air conditioner at the same time. The answer here is not so clear. Let’s clarify things well to see whether a Dehumidifier and Air … Read more

5 Best Small Dehumidifiers In 2021 (+ Compact Mini Dehumidifiers)

Dehumidifiers come in many sizes. Small dehumidifiers for a room or two, maybe even small flat dehumidifiers, are becoming increasingly more popular. Example: For a bedroom or bathroom, you don’t really need a big 50-pint dehumidifier; that’s overkill. You need a small room dehumidifier. Here are the 3 standard sizes of dehumidifiers according to the … Read more