9 Best Treats for Puppies in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Giving treats is one of the most fun parts of owning a dog. Selecting treats for your puppy can be a daunting task with all the different options on the market. Pet parents find themselves scouring reviews for the best possible treats they can give to their puppies.

Treats are not just fun food items; they’re also a critical part of training. Introducing the correct treatment types of treats to your puppy can help aid their training and make them easier to manage as they get older. Treats can also be used to introduce new flavors and ingredients to your puppy’s diet and help them not be picky as they get older.

Here are our favorite treats for puppies!


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – 2022

The 9 Best Treats for Puppies

1. Wellness Puppy Bites – Best Overall

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Weight Options 3 oz
Flavors Lamb & Salmon, Chicken & Carrots
Other Diet Considerations Grain-Free

Wellness Puppy Bites come in both soft and crunchy textures. They’re specifically designed for a puppy is a more delicate, smaller mouth. They come in both “lamb and salmon” and “chicken and carrot flavors” to help you offer variety to your puppy’s diet. All wellness foods are grain-free and made with high-quality ingredients as their primary sources of nutrition.

Puppy Bites can be used as a training tool or treat your dog to something nice. Most parents will probably use them for both as they offer a fragrant and nutritional source of protein and vitamins that your dog can snack on between meals or while training.


  • Marketed explicitly for puppies
  • Soft and crunchy textures offer a variety
  • High-quality ingredients


  • The bag size is relatively small

2. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy – Best Value

Old Mother Hubbard Classic Puppy Biscuits

Weight Options 20 oz
Flavors Classic
Other Diet Considerations None

The best puppy treats you can get for the money are Old Mother Hubbard’s Classic Puppy treats. These treats are reminiscent of the old dog biscuits and perfect for your puppy’s smallmouth. Even better, Old Mother Hubbard makes a variety of dog treats that can grow up with your puppy.

Unfortunately, Old Mother Hubbard’s classic treats are not grain-free. While they have an excellent grain-free treat line, they haven’t introduced an increase to caloric content treat for puppies within this line. Pet parents looking to get Old Mother Hubbard’s goodies for their puppy can get the grain-free in “mini” size, which is small enough for a puppy’s mouth.


  • Super affordable
  • Well trusted dog brand


  • No grain-free puppy option

3. Greenies Puppy Teenie Dental Dog Treat – Premium Choice

Greenies Puppy Teenie Dental Dog Treats

Weight Options 12 oz
Flavors Dental
Other Diet Considerations None

Greenies are a famous brand for dog owners and cat owners alike. Their treats feature a crunchy but bendable texture that allows dogs and cats to scrape the plaque off their teeth while chewing on the treat. This unique structure is what makes greenies so popular and expensive.

Greenies may get dog treats in the “Teenies” size for dogs weighing between five and 15 pounds. They are recommended only for puppies six months of age or older. Puppies who outgrow them should have their treats replaced with a larger size as they may easily swallow them by accident and choke.

Greenies also produce pill capsule treats that can help your dog take pills. These traits have a small pocket that you can insert the pill into so your dog feels like they’re eating a treat rather than a pill.


  • Size specifically for puppies age six months and older
  • Improves dental health by cleaning the teeth while they chew the treat

4. Get Naked Biteables Puppy Health

Get Naked Biteables

Weight Options 6 oz
Flavors Chicken
Other Diet Considerations None

Get Naked Biteables to feature a puppy-health-designed treat. These treats are soft and perfect for a puppy with a delicate mouth. They’re sized for a puppy’s mouth and teeth. The first ingredient in these treats is real meat, and they feature a variety of probiotics and colostrum to help your puppy grow up strong.

They make a great training treat because of their simple texture and shape. They also feature a limited ingredient base that’s great for dogs with allergies or intolerances. Their limited ingredient base means that eaters will find something they love within them as they are mostly made of real chicken.


  • Probiotic support specifically for puppy growth
  • The limited ingredient list is suitable for dogs with food intolerances


  • Only one variety of treat

5. Wellness CORE Puppy Bites

Wellness CORE Puppy Bites

Weight Options 3 oz
Flavors Turkey & Beef
Other Diet Considerations Grain-Free

For pet parents who have their puppies who are on grain-free, high-protein diets will be pleaseed to know that there’s even treats out there that they can work into their dog’s diet plans. Wellness CORE Puppy Bites are just like the Wellness Puppy Bites but use the same high-protein index that the Wellness CORE line boasts.

Wellness CORE Puppy Bites use the same high-quality ingredients found in other Wellness products. Pet parents who love Wellness’ holisitic recipes will be pleased to know that their money is going directly to the quality of their dog treats.


  • Designed for dogs who are on a high-protein diet
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Small package size might turn off some pet parents

6. Get Naked Premium Puppy Care

Get Naked Premium Puppy Care

Weight Options 7 oz
Flavors Chicken
Other Diet Considerations None

Get Naked makes a variety of puppy treats including their specially formulated breakable bones for puppies. These are smaller than a lot of the rawhide bones and formulated with recipes designed to support the growing bodies of puppies.

These bones break apart as your puppy chews on them, giving them all the benefits of chewing and relieving teething stress as your puppy’s adult teeth grow in. They’ll give your pup all the benefits and joy of chewing on a bone without any fear that the bone will splinter in their teeth.


  • Chewable to help soothe teething pain
  • Stimulating and delicious


  • Somewhat expensive if your puppy can break them down quickly

7. Navus Naturals

Navus Naturals

Weight Options 3.5 oz
Flavors Ham & Lamb
Other Diet Considerations Gluten-Free, Pea-Free

Navus Naturals is a great choice for pet parents who want to feed their dog natural, organic foods. They source real meat as the primary ingredient for their dog products and they don’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Navus Naturals also contain omega 6 and omega 9, along with all sorts of vitmins and minerals to help support healthy growth as your puppy gets older. These treats are nice and small, perfect for training sessions to help your puppy learn the ropes.


  • Non-GMO and without artificial flavors or colors
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals your dog needs to grow

8. Purina Puppy Chow

Purina Puppy Chow

Weight Options  7 & 24 oz
Flavors Salmon
Other Diet Considerations None

Purina Puppy Chow is a well-known, household name. Unfortunately, in recent years that household name has come under fire for poor quality ingredients and species inappropriate recipes.

However, when it comes to treats, these are meant to be fed sparingly and so it’s okay if their treats are a little less healthy than their regular food choices. So, if your puppy likes Purina Puppy Chow, don’t feel too bad about giving them a few every now and then.


  • Big bag size is very cost effective


  • Nutritional profile may be incomplete or inappropriate for dogs

9. Milk-Bone Treats

Milk-Bone Original Puppy Biscuit

Weight Options 16.5 oz
Flavors Beef
Other Diet Considerations None

Milk-Bone treats have been a favorite of pet parents for decades. Pet parents everywhere fall back on Milk-Bone treats as a way to get their dog excited for just about anything.

In more recent years, Milk-Bone treats have been criticized for using inappropriate ingredients within their recipes. Specifically, the titular ingredient milk is not recommended for dogs as lactose intolerant. Still, Milk-Bone treats are a trusted fallback for many pet parents when they need to get their dog’s attention.


  • A trusted brand for many pet parents


  • Nutritional profile may be inappropriate for dogs


Buyer’s Guide: Best Treats for Puppies

Buying treats for a dog is very important. Treats are an essential training tool employed by pet parents and trainers everywhere. They’re also just a fun way to introduce variety to your dog’s diet. When buying drinks for a puppy. Pet parents have to make special considerations for the treats they choose.

Puppy Size

Considering the size of your puppy’s mouth is essential when choosing trees for them. Puppies have smaller, softer mounds than their adult counterparts, and hard treats that are too large could be painful or impossible for them to chew comfortably.

While many dog foods are explicitly marketed for puppies, treats are not varied. While a handful of the treats are expressly sold towards puppy owners, there is little variety. Many pet parents may want to branch out into adult dog treats to provide more variety to their pets. Ensure that you check to make sure that your dog can comfortably chew the trees before you buy them.

Additionally, you don’t want the treats to be too small. Puppies haven’t learned to a comfortable speed for eating it and often eat very quickly. If the treats are too small, they may swallow them whole and choke on them. You want to strike the perfect balance of the charm, being small enough that your puppy can chew on them but large enough that they won’t swallow them whole.

Cocker Spaniel puppy eating_Shutterstock_Switlana Sonyashna
Image Credit: Switlana Sonyashna, Shutterstock

Puppy Treat Texture

The texture is also important to consider when purchasing treats for a puppy. Bobby’s teeth are shaped differently from their adult there more like needles. Additionally, puppy teeth are more brittle as their intended to fall out and grow into adult teeth. You want to choose softer treats for your puppy; they’ll be easier for your puppy to handle in their mouth.

Getting another variety of texture trades can live become accustomed to eating foods of many textures. This variety can help in the long run when your dog may have to switch to a softer food to accommodate the dental decay that is so common in older dogs.

Puppy Treat Ingredients

Also, want to consider the ingredients of your puppy’s treats. The elements of the foods you feed your puppy will determine how the palette develops as they get older if you choose treats that have varied flavors and texture profiles. Your dog will be more adaptable and less picky about their food as they get older.

Choosing treats with high-quality ingredients is also essential. You want your puppy’s charms to be made of the same high-quality ingredients that their foods are made of. Low-quality ingredients such as meat by-products or filler ingredients like grains can cause gastrointestinal distress for your puppy and make them pickier about food as they get older.

Additionally, if your puppy has any food allergies or intolerances, it will be essential to select foods and treats that satisfy these needs. Like you wouldn’t want to eat something you are intolerant to, neither does your puppy. Many treats are made of all different ingredients and with varying ingredient profiles. Shop around to find the best ingredient list for your puppy.

akita inu puppy eating raw bone
Image Credit: esmalen, Pixabay

Other Dietary Considerations

As with many traits that humans buy for themselves, dog treats aren’t always made with nutrition in mind. Often doctorates are done with the ingredients that are not recommended for dog consumption, like milk.

Additionally, because of the high volume of brands producing dog biscuits, many dog treats are made with wheat ingredients. Pet parents avoiding wheat products may find it extremely difficult to find dog treats that don’t contain wheat.

Puppies with severe allergies will likely need to be fed adult dog treats. Small dog-sized trades usually suffice for pet parents who need to provide their dog limited ingredient treats, even if they aren’t explicitly marketed for puppies.


Conclusion: Best Treats for Puppies

Buying treats is a fun and exciting experience for puppies. Through treats, they get to experience a lot of new flavors, smells, and textures. Our choice for the best overall puppy treats is his Wellness Puppy Bites. Our choice for the best puppy fees for the money was Old Mother Hubbard’s Classic Puppy treats. Finally, for the best premium puppy treats. We selected Greenies Teenies Dental Treats. No matter what kind of puppy you have, there is a treatment out there for them and your family.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock


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