8 Best Dog Toys for Australian Shepherds in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks!

Getting a new dog is an exciting time and playing with your dog is one of the most fun parts of the job. Pet parents search high and low to find the best toys for their dogs, and reviews are a great way to determine if a toy is suitable for your dog.

Australian Shepherds have a lot of energy, but they don’t have any unique needs as far as toys go. Each dog will be different in what kind of toys they like most. Here are our favorite toys for Australian Shepherds!


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 8 Best Dog Toys for Australian Shepherds

1. Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball – Best Overall

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball + Classic Launcher Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Fetch, Chew
Interactive?: Yes
Toy Material: Rubber, Plastic

Our choice for the best overall dog toys for Australian Shepherds is the Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball. These balls are made of durable, pet-safe rubber and can withstand the chase and retrieve cycle for months!

This set includes the plastic Chuckit arm that dog parents can use to retrieve the slobbery ball without touching it. Throwing the ball with the Chuckit arm also allows pet parents to throw the ball up to three times further than with the bare hand, extending the fetch cycle and providing your dog with much-needed exercise!


  • Rubber balls are durable even if chewed
  • The arm can be used for hands-free throwing and retrieving


  • It might not be a good choice for dogs with mobility issues

2. Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope – Best Value

Mammoth Cottonblend 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: Yes
Toy Material: Rope

The best toy for Australian Shepherds for the money is the Mammoth Cotton Blend 3 Knot Dog Rope. The toy has three knots that you and your dog can use to control the rope while you battle for dominance.

This is the perfect toy for a dog who likes to play tug-of-war. The thick rope is made of pet-safe cotton and can withstand chewing and tugging abounds as you and your dog play.


  • Great toy for dogs who want to play with their owners directly
  • The rope is durable enough to withstand chewing and tugging


  • It can’t be thrown for your dog to chase easily

3. Kong Dog Ring – Premium Choice

KONG Ring Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: No
Toy Material: Rubber

Kong’s Dog Ring is the perfect toy for a dog who can’t stop chewing up your shoes, and that’s why it’s our choice for the best premium dog toy for Australian Shepherds.  It’s essentially a teething ring for dogs that your dog can use whether their teeth are still growing in or they love to chew on things.

The Kong Dog Ring comes in three sizes based on your dog’s mouth size.  It’s made of durable rubber that can withstand being treated roughly and is big enough that your dog won’t be able to swallow it. It won’t break or splinter if your dog goes to town with chewing, which is excellent for pet parents who need to keep their chewers busy without watching over them constantly.


  • Big toy can’t be accidentally swallowed
  • Durable rubber won’t break or rip when chewed

4. Kong Classic – Best for Puppies

KONG Classic Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: No
Toy Material: Rubber

The Kong Classic is a popular toy for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The favorite feature of the Kong Classic is the pocket that you can insert a treat stick into or fill with peanut butter to give your dog a treat while they play.

The Kong Classic comes in six sizes, so you can find one that’s perfect for your dog, no matter what size they are. It’s a fantastic toy for dogs of all ages and sizes, and because of its shape, it can grow up with your dog.

Like other Kong products, it’s made of durable pet-safe rubber that will withstand even the harshest chewers!


  • Durable
  • Treats or peanut butter can be inserted into the cavity

5. Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: No
Toy Material: Nylon

Benebone’s Bacon Flavor Wishbone is an excellent option for Aussies that don’t chew too roughly but still like to chew.

The bacon flavoring of the bone is made with real bacon! Unlike most flavored toys, the flavoring isn’t a light coat of residue but an infused condiment that keeps your dog occupied and helps stimulate their appetite.

You’ll want to monitor your dog when they’re playing with this toy since it’s made of nylon and could rip if the dog is too rough with it.


  • Bacon flavoring is made with real bacon
  • Flavoring is infused through the whole toy to prevent it from fading


  • Nylon may rip if treated too roughly

6. PetZone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball

Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Puzzle
Interactive?: Yes
Toy Material: Plastic

PetZone’s IQ Treat Dispenser is a puzzle meant to stimulate your dog mentally. The ball is filled with treats that fall out of the holes as your dog rolls the ball around, giving your dog a tasty reward for moving the ball correctly.

This is an excellent toy for food-motivated dogs who could use a little extra exercise. Instead of treats, they can be filled with dry food and act as an interactive puzzle feeder. It’s a great way to get your dog moving!


  • It can be used as an interactive feeder
  • Great for dogs who are highly food motivated


  • Plastic will be brittle if your dog tries to chew on it

7. Kong Classic Goodie Bone

KONG Classic Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: No
Toy Material: Rubber

The Kong Classic Goodie Bone is an excellent choice for pet parents who have chewers and don’t want to monitor them constantly. It’s nice and big, so they can’t swallow it whole, and it’s made of pet-safe rubber, so it’s very durable.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any real accouterments that are common in pet toys nowadays. So, it might be hard to justify shelling out for something that might seem bare bones (haha!) on the surface.


  • Durable rubber can be chewed freely without worry of breaking or ripping
  • Size is big enough that your dog won’t be able to swallow it


  • Fundamental toy with no interactivity or treat options

8. Kong Floppy Knots

KONG Floppy Knots Dog Toy

Intended Playstyle: Chew
Interactive?: No
Toy Material: Rope, Plush & Polyester

Kong Floppy Knots is an excellent choice for pet parents with Aussies who don’t chew too roughly. Floppy Knots features an internal rope toy that your dog can chew on. The knotted rope toy is covered with an adorable plush toy that features squeakers and various textures to keep your dog engaged.

Unfortunately, as many dog parents learn quickly, toys that make noise can be the most aggravating thing you’ve ever brought into your home. So, if you have a low tolerance for noise, pass on this one.


  • Offers a variety of textures for your dog to experience

divider-pawBuyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Australian Shepherd Dog Toy

One of the most important and fun parts of dog ownership is playtime. Australian Shepherds don’t have any regular playtime needs unique from other dogs. However, there are differences between dogs, determining what kind of toys you use when playing with your dog.

When buying toys for your dog, you want to consider several factors. Firstly, you want to consider your dog’s favorite playtime style. Secondly, you want to feel the size and material of the purchased toy. These factors will determine what kind of toy you wish to purchase for your dog. Also, want to consider your dog’s life stage smaller dogs, and smaller toys and puppies are smaller than adult dogs.

Playtime Style

Different dogs have another preferred method of play, and your puppy’s playtime style will be a significant factor in what kind of toys you buy them. There are three main types of playtime: chewing, interactive, and fetching. You’ll be able to figure out right away which playstyle your puppy likes because their favorite play style will hold their attention the best.


Chewing is a natural urge for dogs. While you may not want them to chew everything, we shouldn’t discourage them from chewing appropriate items. Chewing relieves anxiety, eases teeth pain during growth, and is fun. If your dog likes to chew on things, you want to get a sturdier toy that can withstand chewing.


Interactive toys can either be interacted with by the owner or the dog. Some dogs prefer to interact directly with their owners in games like tug-of-war or patch. However, sometimes choose to interact with the toy itself. For these dogs, creative puzzles that dispense treats are a great way to keep your dog’s mind stimulated.


Some dogs like to fetch objects and bring them back to their owners. You want to pick toys that you can throw for them to retrieve for these dogs. The best ways for fetching are ones that bounce. You’ll want a toy with regular bounce patterns, so your dog doesn’t get bored because they know where the ball will bounce.

australian shepherd playing ball on the water
Image Credit: Pixabay

Toy Material

You also want to consider the twin material when purchasing a toy for your dog. Dogs that enjoy chewing will often destroy soft toys, so you can buy a more durable toy and withstand the pressure. However, for dogs who are gentle soft toys might be better because they can provide different types of stimulation.


Dog safe rubber is one of the most durable materials that a dog like me is made of. Rubber compresses well when bit not, will not shatter will break when thrown or tossed around. Many chew toys are made of dog-safe rubber because it’s highly durable and bounces when your dog throws them around.


The rope is another very durable material. Most rope toys are made using ship rope designed to withstand the pressure of an anchored ship. Rope toys are mainly used for interactive toys where you and your dog will play tug-of-war. However, they can also be used as chew toys since your dog will be able to chew them freely.


Nylon is another durable material that pet parents will find in toys. Nylon has similar qualities to rubber but is not suitable for strong chewers who might rip and splinter the material. It’s a popular choice for dog toys because it’s economical to use, but you should monitor your dog when they’re playing with a nylon toy if they rip it.

Polyester and Plush

Polyester and Plush are among the least durable dog toy materials. Heavy chewers will destroy these toys in minutes. However, they are gentle on the mouth. So dogs with delicate teeth may only be able to use these types of soft toys. Additionally, you can put a speaker inside these toys that will provide your dog with mental stimulation.

australian shepherd puppy playing
Image Credit: Pixabay

Toy Size

You’ll also want to consider the size of the toy when purchasing it. A toy should always be more significant than your dog’s mouth. The measure allows your dog to chew on it without swallowing it whole. However, you don’t want the toy to be too much bigger than the dog’s mouth. Otherwise, they won’t be able to play with it.

If your dog is still growing, you want to think about this a lot because your dog’s size will continue to change the delivery of their adult size. While it may be tempting to buy them a toy they can grow into, you want to make sure that the toy isn’t too big for them to use now.

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs and require medium-sized toys. Some toys are sized by reading size, while others are breed specific. Use your best judgment when it comes to the size of your dog’s toys.



Dog toys are an essential and fun part of owning a dog! Keeping your dog happy and busy will help keep them from becoming destructive out of boredom. Our choice for the best overall dog toy for Australian Shepherds is the Chuckit!. Mammoth’s 3 Knot Dog Rope is an excellent option for pet parents on a budget. Pet parents who want to spend a little extra will love our choice for the best premium dog toys for Australian Shepherds, the Kong Dog Ring.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock


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