10 Best Orthopedic Cat Beds in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Much like humans, as cats age, they start to slow down and wear out just a little bit. They may start dealing with health issues and wake up in the morning with a few more aches and pains than they used to. As your cat enters the twilight years of life, you want to continue to make their life as comfortable and carefree as possible.

Since older cats may sleep even more than they did earlier in life (which was already a lot), buying your kitty an orthopedic bed is a big step towards keeping them comfortable. So how do you choose the best bed for your arthritic cat to take their naps in? Here are our picks for the 10 best orthopedic cat beds of the year. Hopefully, these reviews will help you narrow down your options and get your senior cat the glorious sleep spot that they deserve.


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 10 Best Orthopedic Cat Beds – Reviews & Top Picks 2021

1. Furhaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat Bed – Best Overall

Furhaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat Bed

Size: 30 x 20 x 7.5 inches
Fill Material: Orthopedic foam
Cover Material: Polyester
Removable Cover?: Yes

Our choice for the best overall orthopedic cat bed is the Furhaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat Bed. Filled with layers of orthopedic foam and covered in plush faux fur, this bed offers ultimate comfort to your arthritic cat. With bolsters on three sides, your cat can elevate their head or limbs in whatever position is most comfortable. Kitties who prefer to hide can snuggle down low and feel secure as they sleep. At the same time, the front of the bed is low enough for a stiff, painful cat to easily climb inside. The cover is machine-washable, a bonus if your older kitty has started having accidents while they sleep. Some users report durability issues with this bed, especially the zipper. It’s available in several colors and sizes to match your home decor and the girth of your cat.


  • Well-padded and comfortable
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy access for kitties who have trouble getting around

2. Frisco Quilted Orthopedic Pillow – Best Value

Frisco Quilted Orthopedic Pillow

Size: 23.5 x 18.5 x 2 inches
Fill Material: Memory foam
Cover Material: Velvet
Removable Cover?: Yes

Our pick for the best orthopedic cat bed for the money is the Frisco Quilted Orthopedic Pillow. This bed is filled with memory foam, providing support as it molds to your cat’s shape. While it’s not as thick as some of the other beds on our list, this bed, and its velvety cover still offers a soft, cost-effective sleep space for your arthritic cat. This is a pillow-type bed, so there’s no edging for your cat to snuggle or pillow to put their head on. Cats who like more of a hideaway sleep space may not prefer this bed. It also has a slippery bottom that makes it slide around on wood floors. Users report that the memory foam can become hard after repeated use as well.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective comfort
  • Easy access for cats with mobility issues


  • Slides on hard surface floors
  • Memory foam hardens over time

3. Snoozer Pet Products Orthopedic Cave Bed – Premium Choice

Snoozer Pet Products Orthopedic Cave Bed

Size: 25 x 25 x 8 inches
Fill Material: Orthopedic foam
Cover Material: Polyester, cotton
Removable Cover?: Yes

This Orthopedic Cave Bed by Snoozer isn’t the most cost-effective option but offers your arthritic cat the option to sleep the day away in their own cozy kitty cave. This durable, covered bed lets your kitty feel secure as they snooze and keeps them warm inside at the same time. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this bed is water-resistant making it an excellent choice for older cats with urinary issues. The price of this bed is its biggest downside but hand-sewn quality doesn’t come cheap! It’s also just a little bit taller than some of the other beds which could be an issue for cats with severe mobility problems.


  • Covered bed
  • Helps the cat stay warm
  • Water-resistant

4. Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow

Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow

Size: 34 x 22 x 4 inches
Fill Material: Memory foam
Cover Material: Polyester
Removable Cover?: Yes

This bed provides your arthritic cat both comfort and support by combining thicker foam with a memory foam topper. A pillow-style bed, this product comes in several colors and patterns. Unlike the previous pillow bed we reviewed, this one comes with a non-skid bottom so it can be placed on any kind of floor surface safely. The other major selling point of this bed is the waterproof cover over the interior, protecting the foam from any older cat accidents. Users have mixed reviews when it comes to how waterproof the bed actually is, however. The foam on this bed is more firm as well, and cats who prefer a softer mattress may not like it.


  • Easy to wash
  • Non-skid
  • Several colors and patterns are available


  • It may not be as waterproof as advertised
  • Firmer bed

5. Hepper Cat Nest

Hepper Nest Cat Bed

Size: 18 x 18 x 6 inches
Fill Material: Fleece
Cover Material: Microfiber
Removable Cover?: Yes

This unique cat bed is perfect for senior cats who like to curl up for their daily snoozes. The Hepper Cat Nest helps keep your cat cozy and warm, thanks to its one-of-a-kind bowl design. This is a stylish product that could easily be mistaken for a trendy decorative object rather than a cat bed, making it a good choice for those with an eye for design. Another plus of this cat bed is its portability and stability. Your cat can nap wherever you happen to be, whether it’s working at a desk or lounging on the couch. This bed is a little expensive and getting in and out could be an issue for cats with bad arthritis. Stretching out could be a challenge for those cats who don’t prefer to sleep curled up, although most users report that their cats seem to manage just fine.

At PetKeen.com we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!


  • Unique design
  • Helps keep the cat warm
  • Portable


  • Expensive
  • Might be high for cats with bad arthritis

6. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed

Size: 16 x 16 x 6 inches
Fill Material: Memory foam
Cover Material: Fleece, suede
Removable Cover?: Yes

For the older cat who needs a little help staying warm, consider the K&H Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed. This bed contains an actual heating unit buried beneath the thick memory foam. Combined with the fully enclosed sides, this bed becomes a warm little nest for your arthritic cat. Use this bed with caution if your cat is unable to move off the heating unit on their own to avoid any accidental overheating or injury. The high sides make this bed harder to get into and a less attractive choice for these very immobile cats anyway. Despite the attached cord and heating unit, this bed is easy to clean thanks to the removable cover. This bed is made primarily from recycled materials and is energy efficient.


  • Heated bed
  • Made of recycled materials


  • Don’t use if cat can’t move off the bed
  • High sides

7. Furhaven UltraPlush Luxe Lounger

Furhaven UltraPlush Luxe Lounger

Size: 21 x 14 x 4 inches
Fill Material: Orthopedic foam
Cover Material: Polyester
Removable Cover?: Yes

The Furhaven UltraPlush Luxe Lounger is a good middle-of-the-road choice for cats who appreciate the extra support of a bolster bed but prefer the easy access of a pillow bed. This soft, thick bed is designed specifically to provide good spinal support to your arthritic cat. At the same time, it’s low enough that your sore kitty doesn’t have to work too hard to climb into their bed. Durability seems to be the major complaint about this bed, particularly that the plush covering wears off and makes a mess and that the zipper breaks easily. This bed is available in several sizes and three neutral colors.


  • Good mix of comfort and support
  • Easy access
  • 3 color choices

8. Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Cat Bed

Frisco Plush Orthopedic Front Bolster Cat Bed

Size: 25 x 21 x 7 inches
Fill Material: Memory foam, orthopedic foam
Cover Material: Polyester
Removable Cover?: Yes

This sofa-style orthopedic cat bed allows your arthritic cat easy access to the soft, foam-filled center but gives the option to lounge or snuggle on the booster sides. The sides seem to be firm enough to hold their shape as well. This bed is best for cats who prefer a softer sleeping spot but who can handle a bed that’s a little lighter on the support than some others. It’s only available in two colors but the design of the bed is visually appealing. Overall, most users had positive experiences with this bed, but some did report long-term durability issues.


  • Sides provide support and security
  • Softer bed


  • Not as much support
  • Some durability concerns

9. Midwest Quiet Time Defender Orthopedic Bolster Cat Bed

Midwest Quiet Time Defender Orthopedic Bolster Cat Bed

Size: 22.5 x 22.5 x 8.25 inches
Fill Material: Foam
Cover Material: Fleece
Removable Cover?: Yes

Available in a trendy print, this orthopedic bed is water, stain, and odor resistant thanks to its Teflon coating. Offering support and security to your cat, the soft fleece lining of this bed welcomes them in for a snooze. Not made with memory or orthopedic foam, this bed is not as thick as some of the others on this list and the sides are a bit flimsy. Most users report that their pets really like this bed which should be taken with a grain of salt given the unpredictable feelings of many cats. Some users also felt the bed was of lower quality than they expected based on the price.


  • Water, stain, and odor resistant
  • Soft lining


  • A bit thin
  • Quality concerns based on cost

10. Mr. Peanut’s OrthoPlush Orthopedic Cat Bed

Mr. Peanut’s OrthoPlush Orthopedic Cat Bed

Size: 28 x 28 x 7 inches
Fill Material: Cotton
Cover Material: Cotton
Removable Cover?: No, but machine washable

Ease of cleaning is front and center for this orthopedic cat bed. If your arthritic cat soils the bed just toss the whole thing into the wash without removing anything first. Mr. Peanut’s Orthoplush isn’t filled with foam-like the other beds on our list but provides support for your cat by way of its design. The fluffy cover of this bed is attractive to cats and helps keep the bed at a consistent temperature as they snooze as well. Some of that fluff does shed off the bed over time, according to users. It does need to be shaken out after washing to maintain its fluffiness.


  • Easy to clean
  • Soft but supportive


  • Cover sheds and makes a mess


Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a bed for an older, arthritic cat requires a little more consideration than buying for a cat in other life stages. This is especially true if your cat has other health concerns besides arthritis. Here are some things you should look for as you decide on an orthopedic bed.

Ease Of Access

Arthritis can be hard to diagnose in cats but one of the biggest indicators is a cat who becomes reluctant to jump or climb like they used to. If your cat doesn’t want to climb stairs they definitely aren’t going to want a bed they have to work to get into. Older cats certainly have varying levels of mobility and some may be just fine with a higher bed such as the Hepper Cat Nest. Consider how well your cat gets around as you decide which bed to buy.

Ease Of Cleaning

Older cats can be messy, especially if they are in pain from arthritis or dealing with health problems such as diabetes. Painful cats may have a hard time cleaning themselves appropriately. Older cats may be more prone to having accidents while they sleep as well. Choosing a bed that’s easy to clean is a must for an arthritic cat. Keep in mind that although the bed’s cover may be washable, their foam interiors usually aren’t. If your cat consistently wets the bed, you may want to consider a waterproof or completely machine washable bed.

Comfort vs Support

Obviously, you want your cat’s bed to be soft and comfortable but arthritic cats also need a certain level of support as they sleep. Orthopedic beds are designed to strike that balance but as you learned reading our reviews, some fall a little further in one direction than the other.

Sleeping Style of Your Cat

Not all cat sleepers are created equal. If you’ve had your older cat their whole life, you’ve had plenty of time to observe their sleeping preferences. Do your best to select an orthopedic bed that matches their particular sleeping style. Does your cat prefer to curl up or stretch out? Do they like to hide or snuggle in while they sleep? Our list has a bed for every sleeping position. It’s just a matter of matching the right one with your cat.



Our choice as the best overall orthopedic cat bed, the Furhaven Plush Sofa Cat Bed is the best at combining all the features we’re looking for in a bed for an arthritic cat. Our best value choice, the Frisco Quilted Pillow Bed, is an inviting orthopedic bed with memory foam support for your arthritic cat. Your feline friend deserves nothing but the best in their golden years and we hope our reviews of these 10 orthopedic cat beds help you treat your senior kitty to the best sleep space possible.

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