10 Best Hedgehog Litter Boxes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

One of the best ways to keep your hedgehog’s enclosure clean and odor-free is to use a litter box. You’ll have the most success with litter box training a hedgehog by finding a litter box that it likes using.

There are different designs, so we’ve created reviews of the various litter boxes marketed to hedgehogs to make things easier for you. This guide will provide valuable information on the advantages and disadvantages of different litter boxes. We’ll also go over key things to look for when shopping for a new litter box.

After reading through our reviews, you’ll have a better picture of what kind of litter box will be best for your hedgehog.

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The 10 Best Hedgehog Litter Boxes

1. Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan – Best Overall

Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan

Dimensions: 25” W x 12.75” L x 6” H
Material: Odor and stain-resistant plastic, metal

We consider the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan to be the best overall hedgehog litter box because it covers all the bases. It fits snugly into any corner, and it has locks that fit all wire cages.

The litter box also comes with a removable grate, so you don’t have to worry about soiled bedding scattering around the rest of the cage. It also has a low entry point for easy access and a high back wall to prevent pet waste from leaking outside of the cage.

The litter box’s material is a durable plastic that’s also odor and stain-resistant, so it’ll last you a long time. The only issue you might encounter with this product is that the cage locks aren’t removable. Therefore, if your hedgehog lives in a glass enclosure, the litterbox will protrude out a little bit from its corner.


  • Durable, long-lasting material
  • Removable grate
  • High back wall
  • Fits all wire cages


  • Not designed for glass enclosures

2. Frisco Corner Small Pet Litter Box – Best Value

Frisco Corner Small Pet Litter Box

Dimensions: 5” W x 13.9” L x 7.4” H
Material: Plastic

The Frisco Corner Small Pet Litter Box has a simple, yet effective design. It has a very low entrance for easy access, and an exceptionally high back wall to prevent splashes and leaks.

The back of the litter box has small hooks that attach to most wire cages. The hooks are very small, so the litter box won’t stick out too much from the corner of a glass enclosure.

As much as we love this litter box, it does have a few minor shortcomings. First, the entrance is significantly low, so bedding can scatter more easily throughout the cage. Also, the material quality is a little cheaper than other litter boxes. So, if you’re not on top of regularly cleaning it, the odor will stick to it, and you’ll have to switch out litter boxes more frequently.

Overall, this litter does its job well and it’s a lot more affordable than other competitors’ products, So, it’s notably the best hedgehog litter box for the money you pay.


  • Very high back wall
  • Easy access
  • Hooks fit most wire cages


  • Absorbs odors quickly
  • Beddings scatters easily

3. Oxbow Enriched Life Corner Small Animal Litter Pan With Removable Shield – Premium Choice

Oxbow Enriched Life Corner Small Animal Litter Pan With Removable Shield

Dimensions: 31” W x 12.09” L x 18.1” H
Material: Pet-safe plastic

This litter box is a great premium option that will ensure that all the mess stays contained at all times. It has a fairly tall wall, but you can add the optional shield for extra coverage.

Oxbow also uses 100% pet-safe material, and the plastic is very durable. So, even though you may pay a little more for this product, it’ll last a lot longer than other litter boxes. It’s also very easy to clean.

We do wish that this litter box came with a set of locks or suction cups to help it stay in place in corners. It definitely won’t protrude in glass enclosures, but it might slide around when your hedgehog hops out of it.


  • Durable plastic
  • 100% pet-safe materials
  • Removable shield

4. Oxbow Enriched Life Rectangle Small Animal Litter Pan With Removable Shield – Best for Hoglets

Oxbow Enriched Life Litter Pan

Dimensions: 21” W x 10.8” L x 6.7” H
Material: Pet-safe plastic

Oxbow also manufactures a rectangle-shaped litter box, which is more suitable for young hoglets. It takes up more surface area, so your hoglet can have an easier time locating it. It also has a low entrance point so that smaller hedgehogs can get inside effortlessly. Just keep in mind that this litter box is best suited for larger cages.

You can also fit an exercise wheel inside the litter box, which is a method that’s often used for potty training young hoglets. Many hedgehog owners will place a litter tray underneath an exercise wheel to catch any waste as the hedgehog exercises.

The back wall is 6.7 inches tall, and you can attach the removable wall for several extra inches of coverage. It’s made with 100% pet-safe material that’s also durable and long-lasting.


  • Low entry point for hoglets
  • Removable wall
  • Pet-safe material
  • Accommodates exercise wheel method

5. Kaytee Tall Corner Small Pet Litter Pan With Quick Lock

Kaytee Tall Corner Litter Pan with Quick Lock

Dimensions: 8” W x 13.75” L x 8.75” H
Material: Plastic

What makes this litter box stand out is the quick-release carabiner. It keeps the litter box in place and prevents hedgehogs from flipping it over. The carabiner also makes removal quick and easy, so you don’t have to deal with complicated locks to detach it from the cage. The litter box fits and hangs securely in most wire cages, and the back wall is also at a decent height.

One issue that we noticed is that this litter box is fairly thin. So, if you have a hedgehog that likes to chew, it can easily chew through this one, especially the plastic hooks that attach to the cage.


  • Quick-release carabiner
  • Anti-flip design
  • Easy to remove and clean

6. Kaytee Long John Small Pet Litter Pan

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan

Dimensions: 11” W x 9.62” L x 7” H
Material: Odor and stain-free plastic

This litter box was thoughtfully designed for wire cages. It has an easy shape that fits through most cage doors, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of wrestling it out of the cage. It also has a tall wall that contains shavings as you remove it from the cage. The plastic is very durable and it’s odor and stain-resistant.

The back of the litter box has small hooks that you can use to hang the litter box onto wire cages. However, they’re pretty small and don’t have a lock. So, the hooks can slip off, and the litter box can end up flipping over. This litter box is also fairly lightweight and can slide around the cage if it unhooks from the cage wires.


  • Specifically designed for wire cages
  • Durable material
  • Odor and stain-resistant


  • Slides around cage
  • Small, weak hooks

7. Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box

Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box

Dimensions: 5” W x 7.5” L x 4” H
Material: Pet-safe plastic

We wanted to include this litter box for smaller African Pygmy Hedgehogs. It fits snugly into smaller enclosures, and it also has two divots in the back that wire bars can easily slide into. This feature keeps the litter box securely in place and prevents it from flipping over.

You can also install the optional grate to the litter box for a completely mess-free experience. Although the back wall is relatively low, it shouldn’t be a problem for smaller hedgehogs. The grate also prevents any bedding from scattering inside and around the cage.

Best of all, this litter box is made of durable and pet-safe plastic. It also has a slick inner surface, so that residue doesn’t stick to it, making cleaning a very easy experience.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, pet-safe plastic
  • Secures itself to wire cages
  • Good for small hedgehogs

8. Ware Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Pan

Dimensions: 5” W x 8.25” L x 6” H
Material: Odor and stain-free plastic

This litter box is a good fit for wire cages because it comes with two locks that work with all types of wire cages. The locks stay in place and have hooks on them that go through the holes located on the back of the litter box.

When you want to clean it out, you simply unhook the litter box. Some pets can figure out how to pop off the litter box from the hooks, but most will leave it alone.

The litterbox uses odor and stain-free plastic, so it’ll last a long time and keep the cage looking and smelling fresh.


  • Works well with wire cages
  • Comes with locks for added stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Odor and stain-free material


  • Pets may learn to unhook litter box

9. Lixit Corner Litter Pan

Lixit Corner Litter Pan for Ferrets

Dimensions: 5” W x 10.7” L x 5.8” H
Material: Non-toxic plastic

This corner litter box fits well with both wire and glass enclosures. It also has a nice dip in the center of the entry point, so it’s easy for hedgehogs to enter and exit. You also won’t experience difficulty removing it from cages, so cleaning it can be quick and effortless.

The top of the back wall also has a hole punched out so you can use a wire to fasten it in place. However, depending on what you use to loop through the hole, unlatching the litter box can be a hassle when it comes to removing it to clean it. Another issue with the back wall is that it’s at a lower height than other litter boxes.

The litter box is made with durable, non-toxic plastic, so it’s safe for hedgehogs that might accidentally chew it. It also comes in three fun colors—blue, green, and pink—to brighten up their cages.


  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Low entry point
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to attach and remove
  • Low back wall

10. RUBYHOME Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box

RUBYHOME Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box

Dimensions: 4” W x 11” L x 6.2” H
Material: Plastic

The RUBYHOME Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box has an excellent design for cages with vertical wires. It has two buckles that snap securely onto the cage to hold the litter box in place. The litter box won’t slide around, but some hedgehogs may figure out how to pop it off the hinges and end up flipping it over.

A grate is also included, so your hedgehog’s paws will remain mess-free after they finish using the litter box. The grate wires are also thin, so your hedgehog can easily grip them and not fall through the gaps.

This litter box’s back wall tends to be lower than its competitors’ products. The grate elevates the base of the litter box to about 2 inches, meaning you’ll only have about 4 inches of coverage if you use the grate. So, if you have a hedgehog that tends to relieve itself close to the corner of the cage, this litter box may not be the best option for you.

The height of the litterbox entrance also stands at 2 inches, so it may be a little too tall for smaller hedgehogs.


  • Secure buckles
  • Safely designed grate
  • Doesn’t slide


  • Buckles only work on vertical wires
  • Low back wall
  • Too tall for small hedgehogs


Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Litter Boxes for Hedgehogs

At first glance, litter boxes may all look the same. However, there are several features that distinguish a good litter box from a poor-quality litter box. Here are some factors to look out for when shopping for a new litter box.


Most litter boxes are rectangular or triangular. Triangular litter boxes fit nicely into corners and don’t take up much space in a cage. However, they’re best for enclosures with just one hedgehog. A cage with two hedgehogs will benefit from a rectangular litter box that covers more surface area. This will prevent them from stepping around in soiled bedding.

When you shop for a litter box, it’s essential to take down measurements, especially if your hedgehog lives in a wire cage. Some litter boxes will be too large to fit through the cage door, and the last thing you want is to try to wrestle a dirty litter box out of a cage.

Back Wall Height

Hedgehogs aren’t known to splash, but if they like to relieve themselves very close to the corner of their enclosure, it can get pretty messy. Also, some hedgehogs like to roll around in litter as a means of taking a bath. So, litter can fly around all over the place, and a back wall will help catch loose debris.

Just like with the shape of the litter box, make sure to find a back wall that isn’t too tall to fit through your hedgehog cage’s door.


Grates can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. They can keep your enclosure clean by preventing litter from getting scattered around. Your hedgehog will also stay clean because it won’t step in any soiled bedding.

However, when shopping for litter boxes with grates, it’s important to find grates with wires that don’t have tight gaps between them. Your hedgehog’s paws can easily fall through these gaps and get caught. To protect your hedgehog from any injuries, find a grate that your hedgehog can easily grip.


Most litter boxes are made of varying types of plastic. Make sure to look for pet-safe and durable plastic that can withstand chewing. If you have a hedgehog that likes to chew on things, it’s crucial to find a non-toxic litter box.

Another bonus feature to look for is odor and stain-resistant plastic. Low-quality plastic can absorb odor quickly, so your hedgehog’s enclosure can still smell no matter how many times you clean cheap plastic.



Out of all our reviews, the overall best litter box for hedgehogs is the Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan. It uses high-quality materials, and it’s easy for hedgehogs to use. The Oxbow Enriched Life Corner Small Animal Litter Pan With Removable Shield is a close second because it’s one of the best options for keeping your hedgehog enclosure clean.

A litter box can save you a lot of time and money by containing pet waste in one particular area. When you do your research and find the right one, the results will be worth all the effort.

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