10 Best Dog Halters in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks!

Dog halters can be highly effective training tools when used correctly. They’re also a more humane option for dogs that tend to pull because dogs can’t choke on them like they would when pulling with a regular collar around their neck.

When shopping for a new dog halter, it’s vital to find one that’s durable and able to handle some wear and tear.

Finding the right halter can drastically change your walks with your dog. So, we have reviews of some of the most popular halters so that you can pick one that works best for you. We also have some more in-depth information on things to look for when shopping for a new halter.


A Quick Glance at Our Favorites in 2022

The 10 Best Dog Halters

1. Petsafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar – Best Overall

Petsafe Gentle Leader

Closure Type: Quick release
Material: Neoprene

The Petsafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar is one of the most popular dog halters available in the market. A veterinary behaviorist developed this halter over 30 years ago, and it has a positive track record of helping many dog owners train their dogs to be polite leash walkers.

The halter is very easy to put on and off, and it has a buckle that you can snap quickly so that you don’t waste any time trying to figure out how to put the halter on.

The halter can help you address unwanted behaviors, including pulling, lunching, and jumping. It also has a comfortable padded nose loop that won’t irritate your dog. The loop is adjustable, so you can easily increase and decrease the size to find the right fit while your dog has the halter on.

A small portion of customers experienced the buckle breaking easily and having to buy another halter repeatedly. Therefore, make sure to buy the appropriate size for your dog breed to avoid breaking the halter.

Overall, Petsafe’s halter is the best overall dog halter because it’s easy to use, and it’s very comfortable for dogs to wear.


  • Easy to snap on and off
  • Comfortable nose loop
  • Easy to adjust the size

2. Dogs My Love Nylon Dog Head Collar – Best Value

Dogs My Love Nylon

Closure Type: Quick release
Material: Neoprene

The Dogs My Love Dog Head Collar is the best dog halter for the money you pay. It’s a well-padded halter that’ll help dogs learn proper leash etiquette when training with it. It’s made with high-quality, durable nylon that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The nose strap has layers of neoprene for a more comfortable fit.

We also like that this halter is relatively more affordable than its competitors, so it’s a great option to purchase if you’re unsure about training with a halter.

This halter does tend to run a size too big, so it might be a little bit of a hassle to find the right size. Make sure to take proper measurements and consider purchasing a halter that’s a size smaller than your dog’s usual size.


  • Comfortable neoprene nose strap
  • High-quality nylon
  • Affordable

3. Halti OptiFit Nylon Dog Headcollar – Premium Choice

Halti OptiFit Nylon

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon

Halti OptiFit was designed to fit different kinds of dog breeds with various snout sizes. It can successfully go on dogs with shorter snouts as well as dogs with long and thin muzzles. It also has a self-adjusting chin strap to provide an even more customized setup with your halter. These chin straps also have reflective strips on them for added safety on nighttime walks.

With how comfortable and thoughtful the design of the Halti OptiFit is, it’s unfortunate that there are limited sizes for this halter. The smallest neck size it can fit is 12 inches and the largest neck size circumference is 27 inches.


  • Fits many snout sizes
  • Self-adjusting chin straps
  • Reflective strips for added safety

4. Walk ‘n Train Polyester Dog Headcollar – Best for Puppies


Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Polyester

This halter is another great option for leash training. It’s made with durable material and a heavy-duty buckle, so it can withstand even the strongest pullers. It also has safety loops that you can attach to the dog’s regular collar. Therefore, if a dog’s nose escapes the halter, you won’t lose control. It’s a great feature for puppies that might make an extra effort to wiggle out of the halter.

You have the option to choose from a wide range of sizes, so both toy breeds and giant breeds can use the Walk ‘n Train halter. However, this halter doesn’t have the right dimensions to fit on dog breeds with shorter snouts, such as Boston Terrier.

Since the lead attaches to the bottom front of the halter, it can easily slip off a Boston Terrier with a tug. Therefore, this product works best with dogs with longer snouts.


  • Durable, long-lasting material
  • Safety loops attach to collar
  • Wide range of sizes


  • Not for dogs with shorter snouts

5. Sporn Head Control Dog Halter

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon

Many users of the Sporn Head Control Dog Halter found quick success with training their dogs to stop pulling and engaging in other unwanted behaviors. Instead of linking the leash to the front of the halter, the leash goes on the back of the neck.

This arrangement enables the walker to guide a dog from behind the shoulders without making any corrections that create a significantly uncomfortable experience for dogs in training. The thick padded nose strap also provides additional comfort to dogs.

Since the leash doesn’t hang off the front of the halter, it may be a good option for dogs with shorter snouts because it won’t slip off easily.

Since the walker controls the walk from the back of the base of a dog’s neck, the nose strap can sometimes ride up the dog’s face after a gentle correction. So, make sure that you have the correct size and test it out in a quiet area before taking your dog outside where there are more distractions.


  • Fits dogs with shorter snouts
  • Thick padded nose strap
  • Comfortable training experience


  • Nose strap can ride up the face

6. Charmsong Reflective Headcollar Halter

Charmsong Reflective

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon

The Charmsong Reflective Headcollar Halter is an extremely durable halter. It uses high-quality nylon material and a metal buckle to ensure that it can withstand strong pulling.

Some halters can be too thin, so dogs can easily chew through them or destroy them. However, this halter is relatively thick, so it won’t get damaged easily. It also has a reflective pattern that runs throughout the whole halter so that your dog is visible in dark or dimly lit places.

The nose strap has a small amount of padding, but it may be itchy because the padding only runs along the upper half of the strap. The corners of the padding strip may poke at the snout and irritate the dog that’s wearing the halter.


  • High-quality thick nylon
  • Strong metal buckle
  • Reflective pattern

7. Wintchuk Dog Head Collar

Wintchuk Dog Head

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon

The Wintchuk halter uses durable nylon and has an extra padded nose strap that uses softer material to provide a comfortable fit for dogs. The ring that attaches to the leash hangs on a shorter strip of nylon. The short length of this strip restricts movement and allows the nose strap to stay more securely in place.

The halter can fit a wide range of dogs from toy breeds to giant breeds. However, the manufacturer notes that this halter doesn’t work well with dogs with short snouts. Also, the halter only sells in three sizes, so it can be a bit of a challenge determining which one is best for your dog if you have a small-medium-sized dog or a medium-large-sized dog.


  • Uses durable nylon
  • Extra padding on nose strap
  • Fits a wide range of dogs


  • Not for dogs with short snouts
  • Difficult to find the correct size

8. Canny Collar

Canny Collar

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon, metal

The Canny Collar is another halter that controls the walk from the back of the dog’s neck. It sits higher than a regular collar in a spot where dogs are more responsive to gentle corrections.

This halter is also very comfortable for dogs. They can easily eat and drink whenever it’s on them, but the owner still remains in control of the walk.

It also has a “training mode” and “regular mode” where you can take the nose strap off your dog. This regular mode is a great transitional step that can help you incrementally train your dog to stop pulling on a leash with a regular collar on.

You can choose from a wide selection of sizes, so you can get a better fit for your dog. It’s a great quality halter, so it tends to be relatively expensive compared to other halters. However, the Canny Collar has great features that can make it worth the price.


  • Very comfortable for dogs
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • Transitions well to training on a regular collar
  • High-quality nylon, alloy steel

9. GoodBoy Dog Head Halter with Safety Strap

GoodBoy Dog Head

Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon, neoprene, plastic

This halter comes in four different sizes to fit small, medium, and large dog breeds. It has nice, thick padding that runs along the whole nose strap. This design provides maximum comfort for your dog.

It also has a safety strap that attaches to your dog’s regular collar so that everything’s securely in place. The whole halter also has reflective stitching on it to help keep your dog safe in darker settings.

Another great feature is that this halter comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty applies to incorrect sizing issues and chew damage. You might end up using the warranty for chewing damage because this halter is extra plush, so some dogs may mistake it for one of their own toys.


  • Thick padding on whole nose strap
  • Reflective stitching
  • Safety straps hold everything in place
  • year warranty


  • Dogs might treat it as a chew toy

10. BARKLESS Dog Head Collar


Closure Type: Buckle
Material: Nylon, alloy steel

This halter by BARKLESS is one of the most heavy-duty options in the market. It uses extremely durable nylon and alloy steel to hold all the parts together. It also comes with an assistive leash that you can attach to your dog’s regular collar for added control. The outline also has reflective stitching on them, making this halter one of the safest ones being sold.

While the exterior outline of this halter is tough and built to last, the inside has a softer neoprene padding so that dogs don’t feel abrasive discomfort when a leash correction gets made.

Unfortunately, this halter doesn’t fit well with dogs with shorter snouts. The sizes also aren’t true to size, so it might take some time to figure out which one best fits your dog.


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Additional assistive leash
  • Reflective stitching


  • Not for dogs with shorter snouts
  • Not true to size


Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Dog Halter

When shopping for a new halter, there are a few features to keep in mind that will help you find the right one for your dog.


Most dog halters are made with nylon and neoprene. When you’re shopping for halters, make sure that the straps on the halter are thick enough to withstand a sudden burst of pulling or jumping.

Neoprene often gets used on the interior of the nose strap. Make sure that the material is extra soft in order to avoid any abrasions forming if a dog yanks at the leash.

For added safety, some halters also have reflective stitching. Although it’s not a necessary feature, it’s still important to have if you walk your dog during darker times of the day.

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Rottweiler with leash and halter
Image Credit: andrescarlofotografia, Pixabay


The nose loop should be very comfortable for your dog. Different halters will have varying levels of padding on the nosepiece, so some are more padded than others. More padding doesn’t necessarily mean more comfortability, but a layer or two of padding can help your dog adjust to a halter more quickly because it doesn’t feel as bothered by it.


When shopping for a halter, always refer to size charts. Halters need to be comfortable for your dog to have a positive effect on them. As a general rule of thumb, the halter should fit snugly on your dog, and you should be able to slip two fingers comfortably in the neck collar.

The nose loop shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. It should allow just enough space to allow your dog to pant, accept treats, and drink water with ease.



The Petsafe Gentle Leader is our favorite halter from our reviews because it has a comfortable design for dogs, and it’s easy for owners to learn to use. We also like the Halti OptiFit Nylon Dog Headcollar because it works with all sorts of dog breeds and also has important safety features.

Halters are a humane way to train dogs to become polite leash walkers. With a little time, commitment, and patience you’ll find yourself walking a well-mannered dog around the neighborhood.

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