10 Best Dog Blankets in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks!

Adding a blanket to your dog’s bed is the perfect way to keep them warm and cozy. Some dogs like to snuggle under their blankets, while others prefer to rearrange them until they’re just right for lounging and sleeping. No matter how your pup prefers their blanket, the options available when looking for the right one can seem endless.

That’s why we selected our 10 favorites and listed them here with reviews so you can note the differences and see which one works best for you. We also included a buyer’s guide to determine what to look for when choosing a dog blanket. Let’s get started!


A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

The 10 Best Dog Blankets

1. PetAmi Fluffy Waterproof Dog Blanket — Best Overall

PetAmi Fluffy Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket

Material: Fleece, polyester
Size: Small, medium, large, extra-large

The PetAmi Fluffy Waterproof Dog Blanket is our best overall choice of dog blanket. It doubles as a surface protector thanks to the waterproof feature. It’s sherpa-lined so it’s comfortable and soft. It can be used on dog beds, floors, and furniture to provide a cozy spot for pups and help shield your house from pet messes.

The fabric holds warmth, which is helpful for dogs that need help maintaining their body temperatures. The blanket can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s also fluffy, which dog owners love. It’s machine washable, which is great for convenience. However, it might take more than one full cycle in the dryer to fully dry. The material has also been noted to attract lint and debris that need to be removed by hand.

  • Waterproof
  • Retains warmth
  • Fluffy and soft
  • Multiple sizes
  • May take longer to dry
  • Attracts lint

2. Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket — Best Value

Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket

Material: Fleece, cotton, polyester
Size: Small and large

This double-sided Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket is our pick for the best dog blanket for the money. Available in two sizes and three colors, it’s stylish and comfortable for every pup. This blanket is also great for cats, which is perfect if you live in a multi-pet household.

The blanket is easy to lay on the couch, so you can give your dog their own spot to curl up in. It’s warm and snuggly for little dogs that like to burrow. One side of the blanket has cozy Sherpa lining, and the other is one of three printed twill patterns of your choice.

You can use this to keep your couch and floors protected from drool and hair. When the blanket gets gross, just toss it in the washer. The downside is that it’s best to wash it separately. Also, after repeated washings, the fabric may start to fray and fade.

  • Machine washable
  • Several color and size options
  • Reversible
  • Fabric may fray and wear after repeated washings
  • Not chew- or tear-proof

3. PetFusion Premium Dog Cooling Blanket — Premium Choice

PetFusion Premium Cat & Dog Cooling Blanket

Material: Nylon, fleece
Size: Small, medium, large, extra-large

The PetFusion Premium Dog Cooling Blanket is perfect for year-round use. It works to keep dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to a cool-sensing fabric that will absorb the pup’s body heat. The lightweight, breathable material is machine washable.

Older dogs that get hot at night and dogs that have trouble cooling down may benefit from the blanket’s cooling technology. The fabric is shed-resistant, although the blanket is not chew-proof. In between washings, you can easily vacuum any hair from the material. The durable material was built to last, even after multiple washings.

  • Cooling technology
  • Shed-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Easily vacuumed
  • No waterproof ability mentioned

4. Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Blanket — Best for Puppies

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Blanket

Material: Polyester
Size: Small, medium, large

The Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Dog Blanket is a good choice for any dog, but it’s our best choice for puppies. The soft sherpa material is intended to mimic the feeling of a mother dog’s coat. Puppies can cozy up in this blanket for a nap feeling safe and secure.

This stylish blanket is available in three colors and sizes, so you can find one that matches your home’s décor. It’s machine washable, which is convenient when it comes to puppies. The plush material tends to shed until it’s washed, so it’s recommended to wash it before use. Some dog owners were disappointed in how thin the blanket was. It can be used as a couch covering or placed in a dog bed to give it extra padding.

  • Provides a safe feeling for puppies
  • Several color options
  • Warm and plush
  • Thin material
  • Should be washed before using

5. American Kennel Club Animal Print Dog Blanket

American Kennel Club Animal Print Fleece Dog & Cat Blanket

Material: Polyester
Size: 50”L x 40”W x 0.1”H

This fleecy American Kennel Club Animal Print Dog Blanket is great for giving pups a soft, warm place to sleep. Whether you’re putting it on the floor for them to stretch out on or adding it to their bed, they’ll be cozy with this stylish material. The print is available in three animal patterns.

The print is only on one side, but both sides are soft and comfortable, so you could use this as a reversible blanket if desired. When the blanket is dirty, it can be machine-washed. Some dog owners like to use this blanket in the car on trips to keep their dogs comfy and their seats clean.

  • Soft and warm
  • Several styles available
  • Can be reversible
  • Expensive
  • Comes in only one size

6. Ethical Pet Snuggler Dog Blanket

Ethical Pet Snuggler Patterned Dog Blanket

Material: Polyester
Size: Medium & large

The Ethical Pet Snuggler Dog Blanket comes in two sizes and four non-clashing colors. It’s ultra-soft to keep your dog warm and safe whenever they feel like taking a nap. The blankets have a bone or paw print design, which is not only cute but also keeps your guests from accidentally using the blankets for themselves.

This blanket is machine washable and won’t clash with your home décor. The quality of the material has changed, though, and some dog owners think that the blanket is thinner than it used to be. It works well to cover a couch or dog bed to give your pup something to sleep on, but it’s not as thick as some other options.

  • Cute designs
  • Soft
  • Matches any décor

7. HappyCare Textiles Flannel Dog Blanket

HappyCare Textiles Ultra Soft Flannel Cat & Dog Blanket

Material: Polyester
Size: 60”L x 50”W x 1”H

The large HappyCare Textiles Flannel Dog Blanket has a smooth flannel material on one side and a cozy sherpa material on the other for ultimate comfort. While this blanket only comes in one size, there are four color and pattern options to choose from.

The blanket is great for covering a couch, adding to a dog bed, placing it in a crate, or using it in the car. It’s machine washable, which is convenient in case of accidents. It’s a good choice when you want to add warmth and coziness to your dog’s favorite sleeping spot.

  • Can be reversible
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple styles to choose from
  • Only available in one size
  • Should be washed before use to avoid shedding

8. BuddyRest Soothe Weighted Dog Blanket

BuddyRest Soothe Weighted Dog Blanket

Material: Faux suede, fleece
Size: Medium, large, extra-large

The medium BuddyRest Soothe Weighted Dog Blanket weighs 4 pounds. The larger sizes weigh 8 pounds. Before purchasing this blanket, make sure that it is the proper weight for your dog and that they will be able to get out from underneath it when they want to.

Weighted blankets for dogs are made for the same reasons that they are made for people. They can give anxious dogs a sense of security and safety. The weight provides a calming feeling. Combined with the soft fleece on one side and faux suede on the other, the blanket is warm and cozy while keeping nervous dogs comfortable.

The blanket can be used every day for naps and bedtime. Anxious dogs may benefit from the security that the blanket provides during thunderstorms, fireworks, or any other stressful situations.

  • Comforts anxious dogs
  • Machine washable
  • May be too heavy for small dogs
  • Insides can spill out if the blanket is ripped

9. Best Friends by Sheri Throw Shag Dog Blanket

Best Friends by Sheri Throw Shag Dog & Cat Blanket

Material: Faux fur
Size: Standard and jumbo

The luxurious Best Friends by Sheri Throw Shag Dog Blanket is a lightweight shag blanket that keeps your pup warm and cozy. The faux fur is designed to feel like your dog is being wrapped up in the warmth of their mother or littermates. It’s also waterproof and dirt-resistant, protecting your floor or furniture from accidents.

This blanket is made from non-toxic materials and can be machine washed when the time comes. The calming effect that this blanket has may even keep anxious dogs relaxed during stressful situations.

The blanket fibers can be shed when the package is first opened, so it should be done outdoors. After that, washing the blanket once before use will help the remaining loose fibers come off before they shed around your home.

  • Soft shag material
  • Comforting, calming blanket
  • Waterproof and dirt-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Loose fibers need to be removed before use
  • Blanket may shed material
  • Some dogs don’t like the feel of the shag fibers

10. Frisco Faux Fur Dog Blanket

Frisco Faux Fur Cat & Dog Blanket

Material: Polyester
Size: Small and large

With faux fur on one side and velvet on the other, your dog will love the softness of the Frisco Faux Fur Dog Blanket. It’s made to give extra warmth and coziness to your dog’s favorite spot to relax. It’s available in two colors and sizes so you can choose the best one for your pup.

This comfy blanket is machine washable and has even been known to attract cats. If you live in a multi-pet household, you may find this blanket taken over by a sleepy feline! Some dog owners put this blanket on top of their own beds. It looks great and gives their dogs a designated spot to sleep.

  • Soft, warm material
  • Comfortable for all pets
  • Machine washable

divider-pawBuyer’s Guide: Selecting the Right Blanket for Your Dog

Why Do Dogs Need Blankets?

While all dogs are different, many of them prefer to sleep on soft and warm materials. If you allow your dog on the furniture, you know that they’ll seek out a soft place to sleep instead of the floor any day.

If your dog sleeps in your bed, you may notice them burrowing under the covers. Some dogs, especially elderly or sick dogs, have trouble regulating their body temperature. Sleeping under a blanket helps them save energy by keeping them warm so their bodies don’t have to work as hard. This enables them to sleep more peacefully.

When a dog has their own blanket, they don’t need to try to steal yours (although they still might!). You can keep your blankets clean and dog hair-free by giving your dog their own blanket to use.

Choosing the Right Blanket

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a dog blanket.


The blanket that you choose should be big enough to completely cover your dog if they choose to go underneath it. The dog should also be able to lie on top of it without touching the floor beneath them. The best way to make sure you get the right size is to measure your dog.

Measure the length of your dog from the neck to the tail. Any blanket larger than this measurement should work.

It’s always better to give your dog extra space with a blanket than not enough. If you’re not sure which size would work best, choose the larger one. If it’s too large, it can always be folded. If your dog is a burrower, this gives them more space to work with.


Some dogs have incontinence issues. Others are heavy droolers. Some get motion sickness in the car. If your dog is prone to having accidents, consider getting a blanket with waterproof features to make cleanup easier. Waterproof means that the blanket material will not let liquid seep through it. Water-resistant means the blanket material can only stand up to so much liquid before it starts to leak through.


The material of the blanket determines the comfort and warmth that it provides to your dog. If you get a thick, heavy blanket for them to use during the winter months, you may want to swap that out during the summer for a lighter one. Cotton blankets are great choices for hot weather. Wool, sherpa, fleece, and faux fur are best for cold months.

If your dog is always cold, the warm blankets should stay out year-round.


Blankets that can be thrown in the washing machine are the easiest to clean. Some blankets, depending on the material, are spot-clean only. Others can be machine washed but not dried.

Before you buy, check the cleaning directions to see how the blanket should be washed to maintain its quality. If your dog gets dirty quickly, sheds heavily, or drools, you’ll want a blanket that can be cleaned easily and often.

shiba inu with its blanket and toy
Image Credit: jtkim04, Pixabay

How Do I Know If My Dog Needs a Blanket?

An easy way to tell that your dog needs a blanket is if you see them trying to go under yours. If they like to sleep covered up, getting them their own blanket would be a nice gift. If your dog is cold to the touch, visibly shaking, or curled in a tight ball, they may be feeling cold and need a blanket to help them stay warm. Dogs with thin coats, such as Greyhounds or Chihuahuas, need extra help staying warm when the weather is cold.

If your dog is older or arthritic, blankets can help them feel warm and comfortable. Small breeds, especially those that tend to shake, may benefit from blankets because of the warmth and safety that they provide.

If you don’t know whether your dog would like a blanket, try giving them one of yours and see what they do. If they sleep under it or ball it up before lying down on top of it, they will likely enjoy a blanket of their own.

Blankets for Anxious Dogs

Anxious or nervous dogs like blankets because they can hide underneath them. If your dog fears storms, loud noises, company, or anything else, having a blanket to burrow underneath can calm them and give them a safe space to relax.



Our best choice for a dog blanket is PetAmi Fluffy Waterproof Dog Blanket. The waterproof feature is helpful for dogs that have accidents. It comes in multiple sizes and colors and retains warmth to help your pup regulate their body temperature. We like the Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket as the best value option. The sherpa material is soft and warm. The blanket comes in multiple stylish colors and is perfect for dogs to burrow in. We hope that our reviews have helped you find the perfect blanket for your best friend today.

Featured Image Credit: Alkhaine, Pixabay


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