10 Best Bark Collars For Large Dogs in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

If you live alone, having a large dog in your home can make you feel safer, especially if they can also break out a nice, deep bark to scare away any potential intruders. However, that bark becomes more hindrance than a help if it just won’t stop, especially when you aren’t home. Next thing you know, you’re dealing with angry neighbors or even violating your city’s noise ordinances.

Bark collars can be a useful tool when it comes to dealing with an overly talkative canine companion. But with so many options available, choosing the right collar can seem like a daunting task. To make your job easier, we’ve written reviews of what we think are the 10 best bark collars for large dogs this year. Read through our options and our handy buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision as you shop for a bark collar and dream of finding some peace and quiet.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites – 2022

The 10 Best Bark Collars For Large Dogs

1. PetDiary Smart Bark Waterproof Bark Collar – Best Overall

Petdiary Smart Bark Waterproof Dog Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Beep, shock, static
Materials: Plastic, nylon
Rechargeable?: Yes

Our choice of the best overall bark collar for large dogs is the PetDiary Smart Bark Waterproof collar. Designed with multiple options for correction levels and types of stimulation, this collar works for dogs with personalities ranging from sensitive to stubborn. The collar activates based on the vibration of your dog’s throat, minimizing the chances of it being triggered by another dog barking. Rechargeable, with a long-lasting battery, the Smart Bark is also waterproof, allowing it to be worn outdoors, rain or shine.

Most users were pleased with this collar’s performance, although some noted that it was less effective on dogs who barked non-stop and that it could be a bit tricky to program.

  • Multiple correction levels to customize for your dog
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Less effective for non-stop barking
  • It may be tricky to program

2. PetPat A01 Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar– Best Value

PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar

Correction Modes: Beep, vibration, static shock, no shock
Materials: Plastic, silicone
Rechargeable?: No

Our pick for the best bark collar for large dogs for the money is the PetPat A01 Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar. This reasonably-priced option still contains multiple correction levels, including a no-shock static option, to easily match your dog’s training needs. You can program the collar yourself or put it in auto-mode, allowing the collar to match your dog’s barking intensity. The PetPat is also water-resistant but is not rechargeable so you will have the added expense of replacing the batteries. This collar is only recommended for dogs up to 110 pounds so giant breed owners will need to look elsewhere.

Users report that this collar can be a bit inconsistent and not as sensitive as some other collars at detecting barking.

  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple correction options
  • Water-resistant
  • Only for dogs up to 110 pounds
  • Not rechargeable
  • Some sensitivity and consistency concerns

3. SportDog No Bark Waterproof Rechargeable Collar– Premium Choice

SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Static
Materials: Plastic
Rechargeable?: Yes

The SportDog No Bark Collar rings in at a higher price point than many others on our list but offers sophisticated technology for the money. This collar is designed to learn and remember your dog’s exact, distinct bark, allowing it to easily filter out other noise and barking, minimizing any false corrections.

Although the collar only offers a static correction option, it does have up to 10 levels of stimulation and automatically increases in intensity to match your dog’s barking. However, it does have an automatic safety shut-off in the event of excessive barking, making it not the best option for really dedicated barkers. The collar is rechargeable with up to 3 months of life possible between charging sessions.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Detects your dog’s unique bark
  • 10 correction levels
  • Automatic shut-off with excessive barking
  • Only one type of correction

4. DogRook Dog Bark Training Collar – Best for Puppies

DogRook Dog Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Beep, vibration
Materials: Nylon
Rechargeable?: Yes

Working with a young, impressionable puppy, you want to keep your corrections as gentle as possible as they learn. That makes the DogRook Training Collar our choice for the youngest canine students. This collar uses only sound and vibration to correct your dog, with no uncomfortable shock or static. It’s also waterproof, rechargeable, and lightweight enough for a puppy. The DogRook features a “smart” microphone designed to tune out any other noise and barking, so your pup doesn’t get in trouble for something they didn’t do, causing confusion.

Although the collar comes with 5 sensitivity levels, owners of thick-coated dogs reported mixed results. The collar is also recommended only for dogs over 11 pounds, so even large-breed pups will need to do a bit of growing before use.

  • More gentle correction for puppies
  • Lightweight
  • “Smart” microphone
  • Pups must be over 11 pounds
  • Not as effective for thick-coated dogs

5. NBJU Bark Collar For Dogs

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

Correction Modes: Beep, vibration, shock
Materials: Leather
Rechargeable?: Yes

The NBJU Bark Collar is made of sturdy leather and comes with up to 7 sensitivity levels for even dogs with dense coats. The microphone is designed to distinguish between your dog’s bark and other noise, but users report that it is sometimes by another dog barking nearby. This collar corrects in a logical sequence, allowing the dog time to respond to beep and vibration before intensifying to shock mode. It’s waterproof and has a slim, sleek design that’s more attractive than some bulkier bark collars. This collar also recharges quickly, in 30 minutes, if your dog runs the battery out and you need it back in action fast!

As with all bark/shock collars, make sure this one fits correctly and that you monitor your dog’s skin, as some users report this collar causes irritation.

  • Slim design
  • Recharges fast
  • Logical correction sequence
  • Sometimes triggered by other dogs barking
  • May cause skin irritation

6. PatPet 350B Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar

PATPET 350B Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar

Correction Modes: Beep, vibration, shock
Materials: Nylon, plastic
Rechargeable?: Yes

This PatPet Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar isn’t for everyone, but it has two distinct features which will make it a good fit for others. First, it’s a multi-pet system, able to train two dogs at the same time but with individual correction. Got double the noisy pups to train? This collar might be the pick for you. The other advantage/disadvantage of this collar is it doesn’t have an automatic correction feature, but requires the remote control to administer the stimulation.

The downside is this collar is useless unless you’re around to correct your dog. However, it does allow you to be very precise and accurate with your corrections since there’s no chance for this collar to be triggered by outside noise or other dogs. The remote has a range of up to 300 meters and 16 possible levels of stimulation.

  • Can be used on two dogs at once
  • No false corrections
  • 16 levels of stimulation

7. AHJDL Dog Bark Collar

AHJDL Dog Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Beep, vibration, shock
Materials: Nylon
Rechargeable?: Yes

This AHJDL Bark Collar is reasonably priced and can be used in shock or no-shock mode. It’s fully waterproof and can even be worn while your dog swims. The collar is also reflective for safety during nighttime walks or runs. This collar is very specific and precise about the duration of each correction, allowing the dog plenty of time to shape up before it increases in intensity.

Users report that the shock correction on this product is pretty intense and should be used with caution. This collar can also be set off if the dog scratches or jars the collar too much.

  • Reflective for safety
  • Precise correction times
  • Can be worn when swimming
  • Shock level can be intense
  • Some inconsistency, may be set off by scratching

8. Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe Dog Training Collar

Correction Modes: Vibration, static
Materials: Plastic
Rechargeable?: Yes

For the data-driven pet parent, consider the Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe collar. This collar’s special feature is that it counts the number of times your dog barks while wearing it, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of each type of correction even when you aren’t home. This collar has only two types of correction but is lightweight and rechargeable, with a long-lasting battery. The sensitivity level of this collar is high, providing fast corrections.

We rated it lower on our list because it’s a more expensive collar and users found that it worked inconsistently and is not as effective as you might expect for the price.

  • Counts your dog’s barks
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quick corrections
  • More expensive
  • Inconsistent results for the price

9. Dr. Trainer Bark Collar

Dr. Trainer Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Vibration, shock, beep
Materials: Nylon
Rechargeable?: Yes

Pet parents who love products they can control from their smartphone or watch will love the Dr. Trainer Dog Collar. This collar comes with multiple sensitivity and correction levels, is waterproof, and is rechargeable like many other options on our list. What sets this collar apart is the ability to pair it with your phone or watch via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor your dog’s progress and even provide manual corrections over short distances. Another unique feature of this collar is the ability for you to record a custom correction sound, such as a voice command, to play while your dog experiences physical stimulation. This allows your dog to learn to associate a command with the correction, hopefully allowing you to move beyond the need for a bark collar.

Users report that the Bluetooth connection with this collar can be inconsistent and unstable, which limits its effectiveness. The microphone also doesn’t do a great job of filtering out other noise, which can lead to a false correction.

  • Can be paired and controlled by smartphone or watch
  • Limited use as a manual training collar
  • A customized correction sound can be recorded
  • Somewhat unstable Bluetooth connection
  • Microphone doesn’t filter well

10. Kaiertcat Citronella Bark Collar

Kaiertcat Citronella Bark Collar

Correction Modes: Spray
Materials: Nylon
Rechargeable?: Yes

For dog owners who dislike the idea of using any kind of shock, noise, or vibration on their dogs, this citronella spray collar offers an alternative. When your dog barks, this collar sprays them in the face with strong-smelling but non-toxic citronella for correction. This collar has its limitations: it’s not effective for long-haired dogs unless you commit to trim to clear the spray path. The citronella must be purchased separately. In addition, a dedicated dog could potentially use up all the citronella, leaving the collar ineffective for correction.

However, many users consider it more humane than static or shock collars, and it is effective for many dogs when used correctly.

  • No shock or static
  • Waterproof
  • Not effective on long-haired dogs
  • Citronella not included


Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Bark Collars For Large Dogs

Now that you know a little more about your options when shopping for a bark collar for your large dog, let’s take a look at some specifics that can help you narrow down your choice.

Size of The Collar

To work effectively, a bark collar must fit correctly. The collar needs to be tight enough to keep the sensitive prongs in contact with your dog but not be so constricting that it irritates your dog’s skin. Whatever collar you choose needs to be long enough to fit the neck of your dog, which can be tough if you own a giant breed. It also needs to be sturdy enough to maintain its shape all day if needed without you around to make adjustments.

Length Of Your Dog’s Coat

If a bark collar isn’t sensitive enough to detect your dog’s bark even through a thick coat of fur, it won’t be very effective. Many bark collars come with extra prong caps that increase the length of the probes to fit through longer fur. However, these work with varying levels of effectiveness. In addition, if you have your heart set on using a citronella spray collar, you’ll likely need to be okay with giving your dog at least a mini-haircut.

Do You Need An Automatic Collar?

If you need a bark collar to keep your dog quiet while you’re away at work or school, an automatic feature is a must. The downside of these collars is they can be hard to use as a training tool because you won’t know how fast and precise the corrections are happening and whether your dog is responding to them if you aren’t home.

A couple of the options on our list do have technology that can help you with this problem, however. Alternately, if you really do want to teach your dog not to bark without the collar, choosing the remote-control collar gives you more control and the ability to use voice commands as well.

Dog wearing bell collar
Image Credit: Pixabay

Do You Need a Bark Collar At All?

Generally, it’s recommended not to automatically reach for a bark collar to prevent your dog from making noise. Dogs bark for many reasons and a better and more permanent solution is to find out what’s causing your dog’s behavior and eliminate it through positive reinforcement training, rather than using punishment/correction in the form of a bark collar.

Unfortunately, training–while more effective in the long run–does take time, and some dog owners don’t have that luxury if dealing with angry neighbors or frustrated landlords. A bark collar may be the only option there, especially if it keeps the dog from ending up in an animal shelter.



As our best overall bark collar for large dogs, the PetDiary Smart Bark Collar is versatile and sensitive, allowing for more effective bark correction. Our best value choice, the PetPat A01, offers similar versatility and durability, at a lower price point. No matter what you’re looking for in a bark collar, we hope our reviews were both helpful and informative as you decide on the best option for your dog.

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