10 Best Allergy Medicines For Dogs In 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Dogs can suffer from allergies just the same as humans can. Their immune system recognizes an allergen as being a potential threat and reacts by trying to fight it off, resulting in symptoms including runny noses, lethargy, stomach upsets, and allergic dermatitis.

Allergens can be found everywhere, including in dog food and also in your dog’s environment, so allergic reactions may follow mealtimes or time spent outdoors. Fortunately, there are multiple allergy medicines for dogs, including those that are incorporated into soft chews and dental sticks, liquids, and granules that can be mixed with food or treats.

The best option will depend on the type and severity of the allergic reaction, the veterinarian’s prescription, and your dog’s preference for certain presentations, for example, whether they happily take soft chews or know how to swallow pills. Below are ten of the best allergy medicines for dogs we could find.


A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2022

The 10 Best Allergy Medicines For Dogs

1. Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Allergy & Immune Salmon Flavored Seasonal Allergy & Fish Oil Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs – Best Overall

Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Allergy & Immune Salmon Flavored Seasonal Allergy & Fish Oil Soft Chew Supplement for Dogs

Form: Soft chews
Quantity: 30
Life Stage: All

Seasonal allergies are allergies that occur at specific times of the year. We most commonly think of hayfever, which causes a reaction when the trees and plants release their pollen, but such allergies can happy at any time of the year as a response to outdoor molds releasing spores.

Whether your dog suffers with hayfever or has allergic reactions when it is damp outside, Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Allergy & Immune Salmon Flavored Seasonal Allergy & Fish Oil Soft Chew Supplements are designed to help thanks to their combination of omega fatty acids, vitamins, quercetin, and colostrum. Because they contain salmon oil as a source of omega oils, they also have a fishy taste that will appeal to seafood-loving canines, although this doesn’t account for all dogs.

The soft chew is more expensive than some other allergy medicines, but they contain natural ingredients, have an appealing flavor, and are one of the best allergy medicines for dogs that suffer from seasonal allergies.


  • Made with natural ingredients including salmon oil
  • Combines immune modulators, probiotics, and colostrum
  • Soft chews are easy to administer
  • Cheap


  • Strong smell might deter some dogs

2. Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Lamb Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement For Dogs – Best Value

Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites Lamb Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement for Dogs

Form: Soft chews
Quantity: 90
Life Stage: All

Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Lamb Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement For Dogs contain ingredients to encourage a healthy immune response and to maintain a good immune system, probiotics for good gut health, and natural immune modulators that help control histamine levels for dogs with skin allergies.

They come as a soft chew that is lamb flavored and tends to prove popular with most dogs (although there will always be exceptions) and while a lot of allergy medicines for dogs concentrate on a single type of allergic response, such as runny noses or skin conditions, these supplements offer full support. They are also free from corn, wheat, soy, and grain, all of which are considered common allergens and could be the very ingredients you need to eliminate from your dog’s diet. These lamb-flavored chews are free from chicken, which is a common meat protein that may also act as an allergen in dogs.

The chews are very well priced, when you take into account the number of chews required and the cost per bag, making them the best allergy medicine for dogs for the money. They do have a strong smell that might deter some allergic canines, but they are made using premium ingredients, are tasty enough to be eaten without food, and they do help with allergic reaction symptoms in some dogs.


  • Made using natural ingredients
  • Combine immune modulators, probiotics, and colostrum
  • Chewy tablets are easy to administer
  • Reasonable price


  • Strong smell might deter some dogs

3. PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease Homeopathic Medicine For Allergies Supplement For Dogs & Cats – Premium Choice

PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease Granules Skin Itch & Allergies Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Form: Granules
Quantity: 1oz
Life Stage: Adult

While some allergy medicines aim to tackle all of the symptoms of allergic reactions, taking a more targeted approach can yield better results because it enables you to concentrate your efforts and provide medicine that includes important ingredients while excluding others.

PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease Homeopathic Medicine For Allergies Supplement For Dogs & Cats specifically targets the itching and irritated skin that is associated with allergies. Dermatological problems can include contact dermatitis, caused when your dog brushes against or touches something that they are allergic or sensitive to, but they can also be caused by seasonal and dietary allergies. It is homeopathic medicine and contains arum, chamomile, and viola. The medicine is quite expensive, and it comes in the form of granules. Granules are meant to be fed directly to the dog by sprinkling them on the tongue or in the mouth. Some dogs may willingly accept the granules, but many will refuse them, especially after the first attempt.

The dosage levels are a bit vague, suggesting feeding a few sprinkles, making it easy to get carried away giving too much, or giving too little, and you need to give quite a lot of the granules during the first sitting. However, if you have an accepting dog that is suffering dermatological reactions to allergy, and a steady hand that can accurately measure sprinkles, it is a good choice to combat itchy skin.


  • Combats itchy and irritable skin from allergies
  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Increases oxygen supply to the skin to help strengthen it and reduces itching


  • Vague dosage instructions
  • Difficult to give granules to some dogs
  • Expensive

4. PetHonesty AllergySupport Peanut Butter Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement For Dogs – Best for Puppies

PetHonesty AllergySupport Peanut Butter Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement for Dogs

Form: Soft chew
Quantity: 90
Life Stage: All

Most homeopathic and natural allergy relief medicines are safe for puppies to take, although you should always check the dosage to make sure. However, suitability isn’t the only fact that determines how effective an allergy supplement is for your puppy. It needs to be appealing and have a good flavor to ensure that your dog takes it every time, not just the first time.

PetHonesty AllergySupport Peanut Butter Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement For Dogs is suitable for dogs of all ages, is reasonably priced, and it has a peanut butter flavor that masks other tastes and tends to be popular with pups. It also contains salmon oil; a source of omega fatty acids, probiotics to help with upset tummies, and a host of vitamins and minerals that are designed to support the immune system and fight against allergic reactions. The soft chews are palatable and free from allergens including corn, wheat, soy, and GMOs.

It can take some time for the natural ingredients in the PetHonesty chews to work, and no allergy medicine is completely foolproof so there will be some puppies that don’t show results, but the combination of appealing peanut butter taste, natural ingredients, and decent price make this a good and safe choice for puppies.


  • Suitable for puppies
  • Reasonable price
  • Peanut butter flavor tends to be popular
  • Soft chews are palatable


  • Take a while to work
  • Strong flavor of peanut butter might put some dogs off

5. Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Hydrocortisone Spray Anti-Itch & Allergy Relief Soothing Medicated Dog & Cat Spray

Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Hydrocortisone Spray Anti-Itch & Allergy Relief Soothing Medicated Dog & Cat Spray

Form: Spray
Quantity: 4oz
Life Stage: Adult

Suitable for breeds of all sizes but only recommended for adult dogs, Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Hydrocortisone Spray Anti-Itch & Allergy Relief Soothing Medicated Cat & Dog Spray is designed to help dogs (and cats) that suffer from itchy and irritable skin caused by allergic reactions. It contains hydrocortisone, which is a steroid and the reason this solution isn’t advised for puppies.

Hydrocortisone calms the immune system’s response to allergens, therefore reducing pain and minimizing the urge to itch affected areas. Other ingredients include oats to naturally soothe the area and alcohol to help clean and sterilize. The spray is reasonably priced and is applied by spraying onto the affected skin and then massaging in.

It can be used up to four times a day and using it this often does increase the price you have to pay for relief. However, while it can alleviate the symptoms of allergies, it doesn’t fight the original cause, so is best when combined with an elimination diet or as a means of alleviating the symptoms of a seasonal allergy.


  • Topical application should be easy
  • Decent price for the bottle
  • Helps alleviate itching and calms skin irritation


  • Not suitable for puppies
  • Cost adds up if you have to use it often

6. HomeoPet Nose Relief Homeopathic Medicine For Allergies & Respiratory Infections

HomeoPet Nose Relief Homeopathic Medicine for Allergies & Respiratory Infections for Birds, Cats, Dogs & Small Pets

Form: Liquid drops
Quantity: 450 drops
Life Stage: All

Another form of allergy medicine comes in the shape of liquid drops. Drops are a flexible medicine form because they can be given directly if your dog allows it. Alternatively, they can be mixed in with food or treats to make them even easier to swallow and more palatable.

HomeoPet Nose Relief Homeopathic Medicine For Allergies & Respiratory Infections contains a host of homeopathic remedies that have proven effective in the fight against allergic rhinitis and respiratory infections. The ingredients have no known side effects, and the bottle is affordably priced. They are considered safe for dogs of all ages, including nursing bitches.

The solution can take some time to work, during which time you may notice that the nasal discharge and mucus production increase a little, and it does have quite a strong taste so despite being a convenient liquid, it may still prove difficult to mask even with food and treats.


  • Homeopathic remedy with no known side effects
  • Liquid drops are easy to administer
  • Low price for the bottle


  • Takes time to work
  • Strong flavor

7. PetHonesty Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil Turkey Flavored Liquid Allergy Supplement For Dogs

PetHonesty Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil Turkey Flavored Liquid Allergy Supplement for Dogs

Form: Liquid
Quantity: 16oz
Life Stage: All

PetHonesty Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil Turkey Flavored Liquid Allergy Supplement For Dogs is another liquid supplement, and it combines the smell and flavors of salmon oil and turkey, so it should be easy to administer, although this may not be the case for picky eaters that can detect alien substances in their food from another room.

It can be given directly, although it will be easier to add to food or treats, thanks to the pump dispenser on top of the bottle. The natural ingredients, which include omega oils, colostrum, immune modulators, and probiotics, work to soothe allergy-related itching and other skin conditions. The ingredients are free from allergens and common food sensitivity triggers like wheat, corn, preservatives, and GMOs.

The bottle is a little pricey and because this is a natural supplement, it will take time for the ingredients to support the immune system so don’t expect it to start work right away. Also, despite the salmon oil and turkey flavor, it does have quite a strong smell and may actually be difficult to get some dogs to take it easily.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Free from allergens
  • Treats allergy-related itching
  • Liquid is easy to administer


  • Strong flavor deters some dogs
  • Pricey bottle
  • Takes time to start working

8. PetArmor Antihistamine Medication For Allergies For Dogs

PetArmor Antihistamine Medication for Allergies for Dogs

Form: Tablet
Quantity: 100
Life Stage: Adult

PetArmor Antihistamine Medication For Allergies For Dogs contains diphenhydramine which is the same compound that is found in Benadryl Ultra tablets. The antihistamine works to regulate and normalize histamine levels in your dog, and while the tablets can be used to help combat the symptoms of any allergy and any allergy type, including seasonal allergies, they are also effective against insect bites and PetArmor also recommends the tablet to help combat travel anxiety.

The tablet is unflavored, which means that if you can’t get your dog to take it whole or in a treat, you may have to try and crush it up to mix it in with wet food.

The box is reasonably priced and includes 100 tablets, but it is worth noting that the ingredients are almost identical to generic Benadryl tablets. It can be effective against skin allergies, insect bites, and other allergic reactions, but the fact that it is an unflavored tablet means that it can be difficult to get down your dog: although not if you have given Benadryl tablets in the past.


  • Effective for insect bites
  • Can help combat itchy skin
  • Can be used to counter travel anxiety


  • More expensive than generic Benadryl
  • Tablets are less convenient than other supplement forms

9. Vet’s Best Chicken Flavored Soft Chews

Vet's Best Chicken Flavored Soft Chews Allergy Supplement for Dogs

Form: Soft chews
Quantity: 90
Life Stage: All

Made from nettle leaf, perilla seed, and vitamin E, Vet’s Best Chicken Flavored Soft Chews are a natural supplement designed to ease the pain and irritation that causes excessive scratching as a result of seasonal allergies. They are chicken flavored, which should encourage at least some dogs to eat them without having to break them up to put in food. The chews are reasonably priced, too, and unless your pup is suffering extreme allergic reactions, a single chew a day is the advised dosage, so a bag should last you for a few months.

The chews seem to have a strong flavor that can lead to drooling and could potentially cause an upset stomach, so it might be best to start at half the recommended dose and only increase this if your dog doesn’t show any adverse effects. They aren’t effective in preventing all seasonal allergy symptoms and even struggle to stop the itching and skin irritation that they are targeted at.


  • Soft chews can be easy to administer
  • Dosage is a single tablet a day
  • Reasonable price


  • Strong flavor and rich ingredients

10. NaturVet Aller-911 Plus Antioxidant Soft Chews Allergy Supplement For Dogs

NaturVet Aller-911 Plus Antioxidants Soft Chews Allergy Supplement for Dogs

Form: Soft chews
Quantity: 180
Life Stage: All

NaturVet Aller-911 Plus Antioxidant Soft Chews Allergy Supplement For Dogs is another soft chew supplement, this time containing natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories like turmeric root. Antioxidants will support your dogs’ immune system to fight environmental pollutants, although such supplements can take time to do their work and are usually given as more of a preventative rather than reactive medicine. Other ingredients include omega fatty acids, which are not only good for your dog’s immune system but also help improve the quality and health of the skin and coat.

The inactive ingredients are natural, but the chews do include canola oil, which is a somewhat controversial ingredient that a lot of owners try to avoid. The chews are well priced, but you do have to feed quite a lot of them each day: a typical 50lbs dog would need to be given four of the tablets daily, for example. And they aren’t flavored, which means that a lot of pups will turn their noses up at this supplement.


  • Contain antioxidants
  • Cheap per chew


  • You have to give as many as 6 a day
  • Take time to work
  • Contains canola oil

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Allergy Medicines for Dogs

Allergies in dogs can be mild to severe and may include symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, or itchy and flaky skin that tends to develop secondary infections due to excessive scratching. As with humans, allergic reactions are uncomfortable and unpleasant, and if your dog suffers from an allergy, whether it be to food, something environmental, or a seasonal allergy, you will want to find what the allergen is and purchase an allergy medicine that is easy to administer your dog takes well, and that effectively helps combat allergy symptoms. There is no single cure that will work for all dogs or on all types of allergies. But there are a lot of options out there, so you should be able to find something that will help your best friend get back on his feet.

Symptoms Of Dog Allergies

Dog allergic reactions are similar to those of people. Symptoms can include respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing, and sneezing. The most common symptom for dogs, however, is that of itchy skin. If you notice your dog scratching a lot more than usual, especially in a specific area or several areas, it could be a sign of an allergic reaction. A running nose and streaming eyes are also common, while some dogs will become lethargic, and others may suffer from gastrointestinal upset. If you see any of these symptoms, you should keep an eye on them to see how they develop and consult a vet if they get too bad.

What Are Allergies?

At its most basic, an allergic reaction occurs when the immune system misidentifies a particular protein as being harmful to the body. The immune system then attempts to fight this alien substance and an inflammatory reaction takes place.

When an allergen is detected by cells within the body, the immune system’s cells release histamine. It is these histamines that cause itching, swelling, and other allergy symptoms in your dog, and it is these that antihistamines try to fight.

Some allergies are fatal due to an extreme overreaction of the immune system towards the allergen. These allergies are known as anaphylaxis and are considered a medical emergency.

Allergy Treatment Options

If you suspect an allergy in your dog, consult a vet. They will be able to perform skin tests and can recommend other diagnostic tests, some of which you can even conduct at home. If your vet thinks that your dog is allergic to a particular protein in their food, you may be encouraged to start an elimination diet.

Feeding an elimination diet means giving food that is made up of a very select number of basic proteins, feeding this for a given amount of time, and then gradually adding proteins back in and monitoring the results. If you add a specific protein and your dog shows an allergic reaction after eating it, they have an allergy to this ingredient.

Typically, you will be encouraged to continue adding proteins back in the diet, rather than simply avoiding the first protein that shows an allergic reaction. Your dog could be allergic to several ingredients, and if you stop after identifying a single allergen, you could still be feeding allergens.

vet. examining labrador dog
Image Credit: SeventyFour, Shutterstock

Common Allergies

There are three primary types of allergies that a dog can suffer from.

  • Food – Food allergies are quite common. Most often, a dog will be allergic to a grain or cereal but may also be allergic to certain fish or meat proteins. There are a lot of different food options out there, so whatever food allergy your dog does suffer, you should still be able to find a good quality food. Your vet will usually recommend an elimination diet, but if you have recently changed your dog’s diet, you should be able to get a good understanding of potential allergens by comparing the two ingredients. Do bear in mind that their food bowl may not be the only source of food for your dog.
  • Environmental – Environmental allergies are caused by allergens that are inhaled from the indoor or outdoor environment. This can include certain grasses, trees, mold, or even the dander or feces of another animal. Check areas where your dog normally lays, where they eat, and where they play outdoors to find possible causes.
  • Seasonal – Seasonal allergies are really a type of environmental allergy. If your dog suffers from this type of allergy, it means that they are allergic to pollen or mold spores that are released during certain seasons. Hayfever is the most common, but some dogs may be allergic to spores released during damp conditions.

Choosing Allergy Medicines For Dogs

Whatever type of allergy your dog suffers, there are medicines and supplements to assist. Remember that no single solution works for all dogs or all types of allergies and you may need to try more than one before you enjoy success.

Medicine Form

Consider the following types of medicine according to your dog, their food preference, and their likelihood to take certain types of medicine.

  • Soft Chews – Soft chews are often considered the easiest form of supplement to give. They contain active and inactive ingredients and, as the name suggests, they are soft enough that they can be easily chewed. Most manufacturers include some flavoring to ensure that they are more appealing to the dog’s palate, but this isn’t true in all cases. You may need to feed a single chew a day, up to 6 chews in some cases.
  • Tablets – Tablets are a traditional form of dog medicine. If your dog is the type that will eat anything you throw towards its mouth, they can be easily given. Otherwise, and if your dog is picky about what it eats, it might mean crushing the tablet and mixing it into food to get it down.
  • Liquid – Liquids are one of the most convenient options because you can choose how to give the liquid. The simplest method, if your dog accepts it, is to dropper the liquid into their mouth. Otherwise, put it on their food or on a treat and feed it directly.



The best allergy medicine for your dog will depend on your dog, as well as the type and severity of allergy it suffers. Choose between chews, tablets, and medicines, according to their willingness to accept food, and choose the brand according to its active ingredients.

While compiling reviews, we found the Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Allergy & Immune Salmon Flavored Seasonal Allergy & Fish Oil Soft Chew Supplement For Dogs to be the best overall because it is cheap, easy to feed, and has proven successful. Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Lamb Flavored Soft Chews Allergy & Immune Supplement For Dogs is a little cheaper, is also a soft chew, and uses natural ingredients.

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